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AeroBed Air Mattress Reviews
Sleep on the Great Value of Aero Air Mattress Beds

AeroBed air mattresses have been keeping consumers consistently happy with their purchase for over a decade.

It is the rare consumer indeed that is not extremely satisfied with their decision to buy an Aero air mattress bed.

The AeroBed company patented their first air mattress in 1992 and has been one of the top air bed mattress manufacturers ever since.

AeroBed air mattresses all share some traits in common. First is that they keep their customers incredibly satisfied.

Even after months of continual use or years of occasional use the mattress is still doing its job.

The Aero Air Mattress Bed Collection

These air mattresses are made with a thick vinyl that is very puncture resistant. It also has an inner coil feature.

This compartmentalizes the air in the mattress so that a slow leak won't deflate the entire thing. It also provides extra structural support to the mattress.

The Aero air mattress bed is also very easy to inflate and deflate regardless of its size. It runs on an AC pump that can inflate even a queen sized mattress in less than a minute.

Deflation takes place in seconds. All Aero air mattresses also come with a convenient carrying bag for travel and storage.

Some additional AeroBed air mattress features that are noteworthy are the fact that they are built in standard sizes so you don't have to shop for specialty sheets. Also, most of them come with their own fleece cover.

We have compiled the top three best rated AeroBeds according to expert and consumer reviews.

AeroBed Premier Classic with Comfort Zone Coils

This twin sized mattress is less than $90. It has all the above mentioned features of the Aero air mattress beds as well as a few unique features.

This bed can support sleepers weighing up to 450 pounds. It is nine inches thick when fully inflated.

In addition to the fleece cover, the top of the mattress has a velvety finish. The entire mattress is made of thick gauge, allergen-free vinyl. The pump is recessed for added comfort.

It is one of the only air mattresses that has been endorsed by the Orthopedic Research Institute because of the support it provides for your back and joints.

Aero Bed Air Mattress for Kids

This kid-sized Aero air mattress bed is perfect for travel or sleepovers. It is constructed with the same quality materials as adult AeroBeds.

It also comes with a fleece cover that has stars and moons printed on it. Additionally, the mattress is ringed by a four inch cushion to help keep kids from rolling off the bed at night.

To your kids' delight, this air mattress inflates in less than a minute with just the touch of a button. The vinyl is both heavy duty and easy to wipe clean.

The seams are welded together electronically so it can withstand the exuberance of a child.

AeroBed Guest Choice Air Mattress

This queen sized bed is a perfect choice for guest sleeping in an apartment or small house. Again, it quickly inflates and offers your guests inner coil support.

It is available for approximately $100 from most retailers. This Aero air mattress bed will inflate in approximately one minute. When it deflates it can be rolled up and stored in its special bag.

The entire unit weighs about fourteen pounds. Any of these AeroBed air mattresses are a great option for yourself or your guests.

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