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Aireloom Mattress Reviews

An Aireloom mattress really does make a great heirloom, as many consumers continue to rave about the mattress' quality and ability to withstand years of usage without any major effect on the state of the mattress.

Aireloom has always held a reputation for being luxurious and the bed of choice of the upper classes of society.

Even now that hierarchal classes no longer exist in society as they used to, still only a select number of consumers are willing to spend for an Aireloom mattress with the level of luxury it signifies.

Dubbed as the mattress fit for an American president, presidents and famous celebrities are the common owners of Aireloom mattresses.

It is also considered as the "mattress of the royals" and for the average consumer, the Aireloom mattress is to the mattress industry what the Rolls Royce is to the automobile industry.

This is due to the high level of style and luxury that goes into the production of these mattresses. And those who have experienced sleeping on an Aireloom mattress have said that they never got the same comfort and feeling when they slept on another bed after their Aireloom experience.

The Aireloom Advantage

The ultimate advantage of Aireloom mattresses, however, is the handcrafting. The mattresses are finished by hand using the most advanced quality-oriented techniques and meeting the highest standards.

The handcrafted design effectively keeps every part of the mattress steady and whole so that the mattress stays consistently durable. This involves an eight-way hand-tied foundation that balances the mattress and prevents uneven sides and clumping in the middle.

Other Aireloom Features and Benefits

Use of the Finest, Natural Materials
Aireloom prides itself with its use of only natural materials in its mattresses. Aireloom uses fabrics and materials such as:
  • Oeko-Tex fabrics
  • Natural Talalay latex
  • Natural bamboo fabrics
  • Bio-based foams and foam encasements
  • Lumber taken from sustainable forests
These materials have spawned three different natural mattress collections, the Natural Handmade, Natural Hybrid, and Natural Bamboo collections.

Aside from the natural materials, Aireloom also uses top quality latex and visco elastic memory foam.

Keeping Up with The Latest Sleep Science
Aireloom also goes out of its way to be up to date with the latest technologies in sleep science. This knack for the advanced mattress technologies blossomed when the company re-introduced new mattresses after a brief hiatus when the patriarch of the company died.

Upon the re-introduction, the company came up with mattresses now equipped with pressure relief and more focus on support. The mattresses learned to conform better to sleepers' bodies, thus providing better overall sleep experience for the Aireloom loyalists.

The Top Aireloom Mattress Choices

Rip Van Wrinkle

The Rip Van Wrinkle model is a very popular product from Aireloom. This comes in many different styles and forms. The most popular ones are limited to the following:
  • No Flip Euro Top model - a handcrafted innerspring model with foam fillings and outer cotton tufting sewn using four rows of stitches.
  • No Flip Super Plush - one of the newer models; comes with an 8-way hand-tied foundation and comes with several extra layers of soft cushions for more luxurious comfort compared to the Euro Top model.
  • Two-sided Tight Top model - one of the older models but still very popular, though it is also more expensive; comes with innerspring core, foam layers, outer cotton tufting, and can be flipped.

Studio 9000 and Studio 9500

If you prefer foam mattresses, check out the foam encased Studio 9000 and Studio 9500. The Studio 9000 features coils that are independently wrapped with memory foam.

This bed effectively reduces motion transfer and has a medium firm feel to it.

The Studio 9500 is one step up from the Studio 9000. The 9500 is said to be better at conforming to the body's contours.

Some Consumer Concerns

  • Price - Aireloom mattresses are high-end products; there's no doubt about that. Its really expensive price is the first hindrance that keeps consumers from getting the product. Although the mattresses make the buy worth it, some people are just not willing to spend too much on a mattress.
  • Reported cases of body impressions - Some consumers complained about the mattress developing body impressions after just a year or two of usage.
  • Customer service - Consumers who submitted complaints about the mattresses weren't satisfied with how their concerns were handled.
  • Warranty - The warranty offered by Aireloom mattresses isn't the best in the industry.

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