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Bergad Mattress Reviews - Bergad Isoform Mattresses

If you choose a Bergad mattress to sleep on, you are not only making a wise choice for your own personal sleeping health. You are also making a wise choice for the health of the planet.

First of all, more than anything else in your life, the comfort of your mattress has the biggest impact on your health. It is important to find a mattress that allows you to sleep deeply and comfortably.

Today there are many different types of mattresses, all employing different types of technology, which claim to help you sleep better.

Also, many companies are independently going as green as they can. Sustainability is not just a sensible choice for our environment, but many companies find that safer practices actually save them money in the long run.

Bergad strives to make mattresses, mattress pads, and pillows that conform to these two ideas. Most of their products are constructed from memory foam, a type of high density foam that many people claim has given them the best sleep of their life.

The process by with Bergad produces its memory foam is safe for the environment and eliminates unwanted chemicals from off-gassing in your home.

The memory foam that is made by Bergad is similar to standard memory foam. It is also known as visco elastic foam. When your body heat raises its temperature, it becomes slightly malleable and therefore can mold itself to the shape of your body.

Advantages of Bergad Mattresses

There are a few key factors that make Bergad's memory foam different from other memory foams:

  • It is manufactured to have more open space within the foam, which allows increased airflow and keeps you cooler while you sleep.
  • This same design allows the memory foam to return to its normal flat surface faster.
  • All Bergad foam is made in the United States and therefore must conform to the strict safety standards set forth by the EPA.
This is in addition to properties that are inherent in all memory foam, such as its anti-bacterial and microbial properties and firmer sleep support. On top of this, Bergad mattresses are much cheaper than its competitor, Tempurpedic. All Bergad mattresses, regardless of model or size are available online for less than $2000.

As you explore Bergad mattresses there are three terms that you want to look out for: bamboo, CoolMax, and Isoform. All of these describe product innovations exclusive to Bergad.

Bamboo is used as the covering on many Bergad mattresses. Bamboo can be sustainably harvested and actually reduces greenhouse gasses and erosion while it is growing. Harvesting bamboo never means clear cutting and bamboo can regrow at a rate of ten feet a day, making it incredibly sustainable.

Bergad's bamboo mattress covers resemble the texture of silk. They are machine washable and can be line or machine dried like synthetic fabrics. They make an inexpensive and elegant covering to Bergad's mattresses that also has natural anti-microbial properties.

CoolMax is another type of mattress cover that is sold by Bergad. This fabric based on moisture wicking fabrics worn by professional athletes. It keeps you cooler and drier as you sleep as well as prevents harmful bacteria from growing on your mattress and sheets.

Bergad Isoform Mattresses

Bergad Isoform mattresses are the core of the Bergad line. There are five different types of Isoform mattresses: Classic, Deluxe, Symphony, Opulence, and Luna. Classic is the simplest and least expensive model with Luna being at the other end of the scale.

All of the Bergad Isoform mattresses layer different densities of memory foam with high density foam to create a firm mattress that is still affordable. On their website you have the option to pick a bamboo or CoolMax cover and a matching box spring.

People are overwhelmingly happy with their Bergad Isoform mattress purchase. They rave about how they slept better than they have in years. They like the firmness of the mattress and say that it isn't as hot as they had expected.

Bergad Customer Service

The biggest complaint people have about Bergad is the poor customer service if something does go wrong. While there is a twenty year warranty on all mattresses, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through the maze of customer service options to get the right person to help you.

However, very few people have had problems with their Bergad mattresses. Even the common complaint of an unpleasant smell during the first few weeks of use is minimized through their environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

If you think that a Bergad Isoform mattress might be the right sleep choice for you, make sure you take the time to read some customer reviews online.

When making your mattress decision, a mattress that is good for you and the environment, such as the Isoform line offered by Bergad is an excellent choice.

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