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Best Queen Size Mattress - Top Three Best Queen Mattress Models

The best queen size mattress takes some time to find. After all, the market is full to the brim with several outstanding choices.

You also have to compare brand credibility, the quality of the specific mattress models, the durability, the warranty that comes with the package, and the price, among many other factors.

Choosing a mattress for yourself is hard enough, but most people who are looking for a queen sized mattress are actually looking for a bed to share, which makes the search even more difficult.

This means you have to choose a mattress that fits the needs of two completely different individuals, with different body weight, build, and shape as well as different preferences and sleeping patterns.

This increases all the requirements and standards that you have to consider when making your choice. To make the search process a bit easier, here are the top three mattresses that offer the best quality, best value, and the best price on the market.

Best Queen Size Mattress: Highest Quality

Tempur-Pedic Advantage Bed at $1400

Tempur-Pedic's mattress collection is world-renowned. One of the bestselling Tempur-Pedic beds is the queen-sized version of the Advantage Bed.

The Advantage Bed offers the kind of customizable and individualized comfort levels that can relieve one's unique pressure points regardless of who the user is, thanks to its premium memory foam material.

Sleeping partners sharing a queen-sized bed will not be forced to sacrifice their comfort in any way, and they even get proven therapeutic support for crucial zones in the body.

The Advantage Bed technology employs:

  • A soft Tempur comfort layer on top
  • A firmer Tempur support layer at the bottom
  • An exclusive AirFlow system for proper air circulation
  • A firm base layer
  • A soft, hypoallergenic velour cover
  • A no-flip design
  • A non-skid bottom
All these features are combined to provide you with the perfect symmetry of comfort and support and to free you from any worries so you sleep soundly at night.

Best Value Queen Size Mattress

Dynasty Mattress Queen Celebrity 12-inch Pillow Top Memory Foam at $700

Uncontested and with 4.5 stars to prove it, the Dynasty Mattress is one of the best queen size mattresses the market offers.

This mattress has everything the best queen mattresses should have, starting with a 12-inch height for more cushioning, a pillow top finish for superior comfort feel, and 5.5 inches of generous memory foam padding that cushions and also conforms to your body's contours for maximum support in all the right places.

Dynasty Mattress offers quality comparable to higher-end models but offers lower prices to give you the best value mattresses.

The queen size Celebrity mattress is made with 5.3 lbs. density 100% visco-elastic memory foam for superior performance. The memory foam comes in a 4-inch pillow top comfort layer, a 1.5 inch support layer, 5 inch airflow layer, and a 1.5 inch polyurethane base.

If you need more reasons to invest in the Dynasty Mattress queen bed, check out these other benefits:

  • Enhanced air flow for better breathability
  • 20 year warranty
  • 120-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Great firmness retention and mattress longevity

Best Queen Size Mattress Without The High Price

Leggett Platt's Bodipedic 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

The Leggett Platt Inc.'s Bodipedic 10-inch memory foam mattress is rising fast up the review charts. It was recently named Reviewer's Choice Finalist on the online review site

The Bodipedic line features memory foam mattresses with quality and comfort that's comparable to more expensive brands but at a lower price. This gold medallist features an effective body-contouring memory foam density that recognizes the body's shape based on body temperature to provide both cushioning and support for the body.

The 3-inch memory foam material is also made of hypoallergenic materials with antimicrobial properties for health and safety. With a near perfect rating, the Bodipedic is raking up a lot of great reviews from consumers, especially regarding its under $400 price tag, which is a far cry from the more than $1000 price tags on most other memory foam mattresses.


  • 3-inch 3-lb. density NASA-developed memory foam
  • 7-inch 2;lb. density supportive traditional foam base layer
  • 10-inch thickness for maximum comfort and durability
  • Adjusts to sleeping styles to provide personalized relief from pressure points
  • Removable cover for easy maintenance

If you're going to invest in a queen-sized bed, why not just go out and get the best the queen size mattress the market has to offer?

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