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Bragada Mattress Reviews

When reading reviews of Bragada's products, one is immediately tempted to go out and purchase one. There is an abundance of positive reviews from mattress owners.

Let's a take closer look at Bragada mattresses and see if you come to this conclusion as well.

Bragada has been manufacturing mattresses since 1958. They started out making adjustable beds for hospitals and then expanded into electric beds and memory foam mattresses as the technology permitted.

In their nearly fifty years of experience, they have made over fifteen million beds for homes and hospitals across the country.

There are three different types of sleep systems that are currently being put out by Bragada. You can choose from memory foam mattresses, memory foam toppers, or adjustable beds.

Within Bragada memory foam mattresses there are three different collections that vary by density and luxury. The Classic collection features nine and eleven-inch mattresses that are topped with high quality cotton pads.

Bragada is the recipient of the very prestigious Orthopedic Research Institute seal of approval for its commitment to properly supported sleep. They also get lots of recommendations by chiropractors across America.

The Bragada Cashmere collection is considerably deeper at thirteen and a half inches per mattress. This collection is covered in cashmere for a silky smooth feel. The Vienna mattress of this line gets the best mattress reviews across the board for popularity.

The Ultra Luxury collection is incredibly deep and supportive. These mattresses are up to eighteen inches of memory foam thick. They are covered in a fabric crafted from silk and bamboo.

They are not even called mattresses in mattress reviews; they are referred to as sleep systems.

There are two types of adjustable beds available from Bragada. The Adjusta-Matic allows you to adjust your sleeping position with a push of a button. At the same time, it is designed to fit into your existing frame and even hug the headboard so that it looks just like a traditional bed.

The Dreamscape adjustable bed takes comfort even one step further. In addition to the same features as the Adjusta-Matic there is also a built in massage feature with programmable levels and an automatic shutoff feature.

You can also purchase three different styles of memory foam toppers from Bragada. They vary in size and density, but all serve the same purpose of allowing you to enjoy the comfort of memory foam on top of your current mattress.

So many people have nothing but good things to say about the Bragada line of mattresses. Reviewers rave about the comfort of the bed. They are also pleased with the price, especially compared to other solid memory foam mattresses, such as the ones put out by Tempurpedic.

Negative Bragada reviews are few and far between. Some people find that they don't like the feel of memory foam in general. The fact that Bragada rarely sells through retail outlets was also lamented. This means that consumers were buying their product sight unseen. For a major purchase like a new mattress this can be a bit nerve wracking.

The most common complaint of mattress reviewers was that they don't want to get out of bed in the morning anymore!

Top Bragada Mattress Choice

One of the best-reviewed types of Bragada mattress is the Bragada Crowne Mattress. This is the cheapest of all of Bragada's memory foam mattresses; priced under $700.

The Crowne Mattress starts out with a three-inch layer of CoolTemp memory foam, Bragada's own formula for foam that conforms to your body even before it heats up.

Then there is a six-inch layer of high-density orthopedic support foam. Finally, all of this is supported with a heavy-duty box spring. The result is a supportive mattress that should last you a lifetime of sleep.

The consumer reviews of the Crowne mattress are generally very positive. People are very glad they were able to get such a great mattress at a fraction of the cost of brands like Tempurpedic.

Other positive aspects of the Crowne Mattress brought out in reviews were its ability to relieve joint pain through full body support and therefore its ability to deliver a better night's sleep. People also reported less back pain as well.

The running theme through all the of Crowne Mattress reviewers was that customers wish they had bought one sooner. Another bonus is that Bragada includes a lifetime warranty on all their beds.

All of Bragada's memory foam mattresses, from the Crowne up to the luxury Vellaggio mattresses are reasonably priced. They never go over $2,000, a testament to Bragada's commitment to making comfort affordable.

If you have been experiencing sleepless nights due to your old mattress, perhaps it is time to listen to the overwhelmingly positive reviews and get your own Bragada bed today.

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Your Bragada Reviews

Bragada Valeria Memory Foam Mattress

by Susan

Had mattress for quite a few months now. Wonderful, haven't had a problem. We were in need of a new mattress and Bragada has been good for us! Hate we didn't get one sooner.

Don't believe we could ever go back to an innerspring mattress. Just our choice like driving an economy car all your life and then your able to drive a luxury car it would be hard to go back to the economy car.

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!! So happy, Thanks Bragada

Bragada Crowne 6/3

by Don
(Hamilton, OH)

My wife and I have had these matresses since 2007 2 twin xls, on an adjustable bed. we love these beds and will buy another if needed. we have had no trouble with Bragada. they shipped the mattresses and installed both the adj bed and mattresses. ty bragada

Bragada Waldorf Has Been A Miracle

by Deb
(Palmer Lake, Colorado)

My rheumatologist recommended this brand. They are ventilated memory foam, so not as hot as some brands--a big issue since I'm 50 and just starting menopause.

I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, plus have had multiple stress fractures in my spine and pelvis, so a comfortable mattress is a MUST. I've had this since 2007, and it's been a miracle.

Do you sleep on a mattress made by Bragada? If yes, feel free to share your own review. It's free, easy and benefits everyone!

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