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Cheap Memory Foam Mattress - Top Three Cheap Memory Foam Beds

A cheap memory foam mattress is what you need to enjoy a good night's sleep and reap the benefits of this highly innovative foam material without being too hard on your pocketbook.

The introduction of the memory foam mattress to the consumer market was met with the approval of many experts and consumers.

This special type of foam has several pleasing qualities that made it an overnight hit after leading pioneering brand Tempur-Pedic introduced its first memory foam mattresses to the market.

But after the hype faded, consumers became more wary of buying memory foam due to its very expensive price.

It's a good thing that a lot of cheap memory foam beds have now cropped up on the market to provide consumers with a more budget-friendly way to enjoy what visco-elastic foam has to offer. But take note that when scouring the market for a low-priced memory foam mattress, do not lower your quality standards.

You are not looking for just any old cheap mattress; you are after a bargain-priced mattress that still offers you quite a lot for your money.

Top Rated Cheap Memory Foam Beds

1) Bodipedic 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress - Queen size at $340

Leggett and Platt Inc.'s Bodipedic 10-inch memory foam mattress is the number one cheap memory foam bed on the market right now. It is named as Buzzillions Reviewer's Choice #1 winner for 2010 with its 4.6 star rating and more than 800 rave reviews from consumers.

Many other reviews and ratings agree as well. You must be wondering what Bodipedic's secret must be. Well, the price definitely has something to do with this.

Priced at only $340 for the 10-inch queen size model, this is one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses in its range of quality. The big secret is that it has a really affordable price but the best possible quality that's worth way more than what it charges.

This is because Bodipedic uses a patented memory foam temperature-sensitive design and a great combination of comfort and support. The mattress is even made using materials that resist allergens to keep you healthy and protected as you sleep.

Consumers share their experiences with the Bodipedic...


  • Quality comparable to Tempur-Pedic
  • Price way lower than other brands
  • Comfortable and perfectly supportive even for those with aches and pains
  • Returns to original 10 inches of thickness a few hours after unpacking
  • Firm but soft at the same time
  • Conforms to shape and relieves pressure points


  • Some people preferred softer beds and found the Bodipedic a bit too firm
  • Support is compromised and mattress gets softer over time
  • Pretty strong smell when unpacking but smell disappeared in a couple of days

2) Sarah Peyton 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress - At $374

Amazon's bestselling and most affordable model is the Sarah Peyton memory foam bed. The 10-inch queen size version of this is priced at $374, just a bit more expensive than the Bodipedic.

Quality is also great, as many consumers have attested to. The 10-incher from Sarah Peyton has an Intellifoam polyurethane base topped with 2 ½ inch of visco-elastic foam, with 4 lbs. density. The foam is designed to relieve pressure points so you sleep soundly every night.

It is also designed to be hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, so you can say goodbye to mold, mildew, odor, and so on.

Some advantages over other cheap memory foam beds:
  • Comes with 2 free contour pillows
  • Aloe-treated cashmere cover
  • Sleep Zone Sleep System foaming process that removes impurities and is great for the environment

What do other consumers say?


  • Memory foam conforms nicely to body
  • Relieves pain in back and hip
  • Best $300 spent
  • Included pillows great for back and neck support
  • Provides firm support


  • Very strong chemical smell upon unpacking
  • Not as hypoallergenic as promised
  • Some find it too firm
  • No reviews about long term durability yet

3) Dynasty Mattress Deluxe 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress - At $469

Dynasty Mattress also offers an affordable 10-inch queen sized memory foam mattress. With 4.5 stars, the Dynasty Mattress gives you a good memory foam mattress choice that's also not too expensive at $469.

The Dynasty Mattress Deluxe memory foam mattress stands out among competitors thanks to some extra advantages.
  • Dual Air Flow memory foam to resolve memory foam heat retention problems
  • 5 inches of 100% viscoelastic memory foam with 5.3 lbs. density that molds to the body
  • 20 year warranty
  • 100% cotton with velour cover and 4-way zipper

Consumers reveal their insights too...


  • Able to relieve back and neck pains
  • Very affordable; great value
  • Feels comfortable and cozy

The consumers who tried it out found the memory foam's balanced comfort and support just perfect. Aside from the chemical odor upon initial unpacking, the mattress worked great for most of the consumers.

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