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Comfortaire Mattress Reviews - Why Comfortaire Adjustable Air Bed Mattresses Stand Out From The Crowd

A Comfortaire mattress is one of the mattresses that opened up the possibility of adjustable firmness levels in a single bed. Comfortaire offers several adjustable air bed mattress models to give you different options, and each bed also provides flexibility options so the mattresses will really match your preferences.

Comfortaire offers several different collections of air bed mattresses that can provide adjustable firmness and softness levels.

The air mattresses aim towards providing uncompromised sleep by designing a unique air containment system that can keep air in for a long period of time to make sure there are no leaks and the chosen firmness level is maintained.

Top Comfortaire Mattress Collections

The DreamAire series contains Comfortaire's original air mattress models. The series includes mattresses whose designs were first laid down back in 1981.

This is made possible by a unique air core constructed using a combination of latex and cotton. This fast became an industry standard, copied even by Comfortaire's many competitors.

The especially designed air control system also responds instantly to any changes in your need for comfort. The DreamAire beds also feature a fast blower air system which makes air movement faster to keep you comfortable as the mattress moves along with you.

According to Comfortaire, the DreamAire mattresses can last for up to 25 years.

GS Series
The GS Series, on the other hand, features some mattresses that use a more advanced technology to improve the air beds' sleeping surface.

This is complimented by a newly patented and recently improved air containment system, an improved air control system called WhisperFlo, and a more effective Edge to Edge support system. The air core is now constructed using an exclusive urethane alloy or TPU material, a material often used in the medical world.

It is airtight and is very resilient, which is why the GS series mattresses feel very responsive upon contact. The air core has been moved closer to the surface to make its effects easier to feel.

Summary of features:
  • 100 pressure sensitive settings
  • Individual memory settings
  • Instant inflate system

CFC Series
Next is the CFC series, which has three different models: the 1100, .990, and the .500.

The 1100 is a plush mattress with a split top design to allow elevating at the head area; you can choose from visco elastic foam or natural latex. The .900 is firmer because the soft Omalon layer is removed.

The .500 is a visco-elastic mattress for those who want to know how Comfortaire renders a memory foam mattress.

Top Models


The Celenia is a high-profile Comfortaire mattress with a special 8-inch air chamber for high-rise cushioning. It ships with a memory foam topper and a Belgian rayon pillow top surface layer that combines silk and premium foam.

The air core is made of latex and cotton, the edges are lined with 1.6-density perimeter foam, and the comfort pad is made of 2 ½ inches of visco memory foam. The WhisperFlo air control system then completes the package by adding preset adjustment levels, memory settings, and an instant fill feature.


The Cerulean is another high profile air bed from Comfortaire. It features the recent technology, IFC 2001 Instant Firmness Control, which allows a wide range of adjustment possibilities for each individual side of the bed.

This is perfect for people who share beds. It also has special anatomical zones to provide firmness and softness where they are needed.


The Cerenity is the most widely recommended Comfortaire air bed mattress. This is a more classic option.

It features pumps that allow you to select different comfort levels. Aside from firm and soft, you can also get medium firm and medium soft settings.

However, since this is a low-profile design compared to the other higher mattresses, this is not recommended for those who prefer the extra height. It does come with the same foam perimeter support and latex/cotton air core.


Finally there's the Cirrus air bed from Comfortable. Comfortaire mattress reviews commend the unique AC3200 air control system used in the Cirrus.

This air control system provides an infinite number of adjustments for either side of the bed to give each sleeper the kind of sleep they really want. But since this mattress is also reasonably priced, it is the ideal Comfortaire mattress for those who are looking for budget deals.

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