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Best Consumer Rated Mattresses - Consumer Reviews On The Best Rated Mattress

This page is dedicated to consumer reports on the best rated mattresses according to our visitors.

Mattress companies will advertise their mattresses as the best of all but that is rarely true.

It is consumers like yourself who have slept on them who know which mattresses truly deserve to be called best rated.

Here you can read reviews from other customers or write your own review and recommend a best rated mattress to others.

What is the best mattress you have ever slept on?

We want to know. Share your opinions!

Ideas to write about:
  • What did you like most about it?
  • What made it comfortable?
  • Where did you buy the mattress, online or offline?
  • When did you buy it and how long did you own it?
  • How much did the mattress cost?
  • Anything else you want to tell us!

Feel free to add more detail to your review and don't forget to comment on already submitted reviews! (scroll below the form)

Best Mattress You've Slept On?

Share your experiences with other visitors of this site and help them to make a better choice.

Best Consumer Rated Mattress

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Springwall Chiropractic Mattress 
"My Many wonderfully rested Years Spent with Old Faithful" I have owned a Springwall Chiropractic mattress going on 15 years now.It's a Queen …

Kluft Prelude Mattress Review Not rated yet
I currently own the Kluft Prelude mattress sold at Bloomingdales. I’ve had it for a year and a half and I still love it. It feels very soft and supple, …

Sealy Luxury Tension Ease Mattress Review - 5 Stars Not rated yet
I own a Sealy Luxury Tension Ease Mattress. It was bought by my family about 8 years ago. It was used in a bed and breakfast my mother owned called Lavender …

Serta Vera Wang Beyond Glory Mattress - Comfortable Beyond Belief Not rated yet
I have a Vera Wang Beyond Glory mattress. I originally paid $3,500 for it from American Mattress Company. I have had the pleasure of sleeping in this …

Ortho Sleeping Beauty Crown Imperial Mattress Not rated yet
My mattress is an Ortho, queen sized, “Sleeping Beauty Crown Imperial Ultra Firm” with matching box spring. I purchased it from the local Ortho showroom …

We Love Our Sealy Posturepedic Hearth Cushion Firm Not rated yet
We love our Sealy Posturepedic mattress ! We bought it six years ago when we got married and it's really hard to believe we've been sleeping on it …

Love My Serta Perfect Sleeper Coral Gables Select Pillow Top Not rated yet
I bought this eight years ago, in Florida, and it cost about $600 for the mattress and box springs. I LOVE the pillow top. It's an excellent quality …

SleepLogic Refresh 2120 Not rated yet
I received my SleepLogic Refresh 2120 six months ago, two days after I was released from the hospital. I had gone in for an asthma attack with complications …

Dutch Craft Reminisce Anniversary Edition Mattress, 5 Star Rating! Not rated yet
Buying this mattress was a BIG deal to my wife and I. We had been married four years, and were sleeping on the same mattress that her parents bought for …

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