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Englander Latex Mattress - High-End Latex Beds That Are Worth Buying

The Englander latex mattress is one of the finest breakthroughs in the world of mattresses.

Developed by Max Englander back in 1894, Englander is considered as the second oldest brand of high-end mattresses.

Over the years, it has expanded its offers and now provides innerspring, latex, and memory foam mattresses.

If you're looking for a latex mattress and you want a brand that you can trust, what more could you possibly want than Englander, when it's one of the oldest, most established mattress manufacturers in the business?

When it comes to latex mattresses, Englander offers the Nature's Finest line and the Englander Latex Plus models. Englander uses only the finest materials in its mattresses.

For its latex mattresses, Englander employs its own Laytex Sleep System, which harnesses the many wonders of 100% pure Talalay latex. The Laytex Sleep System ensures that the gentle but firm support of the mattress material conforms to your body and easily adjusts to movements.

Every curve of your body is instantly supported with every move you make. The mattresses are 100% free from any chemicals, even fire retardants, with utmost concentration on providing you a safe, healthy, and pure sleep environment.

The Englander latex mattresses are praised for their:
  • Good air circulation
  • Superior push-back support system for the crucial areas
  • Long-term elasticity
  • Body-conforming properties
  • Equal distribution of weight
  • Relief from pressure points and morning aches and stiffness
  • Antimicrobial properties and resistance to mold, mildew, fungus, and airborne allergens
Some consumer complaints about the Englander latex mattress:
  • Not breathable enough; some consumers complained of still feeling stuffy and sweaty when lying on the mattress.
  • Takes time to settle and needs to be broken in
  • Very heavy

Customization Options

You are allowed to customize your Englander latex mattress based on your needs and special individual preferences. Some people prefer softer beds, while some prefer firmer ones.

Englander allows you to choose the level of firmness you prefer. Available firmness levels include extra soft, firm, and extra firm. You also have the option to go for a pillow top version if you are specifically looking for a pillow top mattress.

Nature's Finest from Englander
The Nature's Finest line is Englander's main offer in the latex department. The latex mattress is made from 100% natural latex and offers a quality and cushioned, well-supported feel comparable to that of a memory foam mattress, but with better air circulation and a more eco-friendly design.

The mattress is made entirely from materials that are recyclable and are priced at around $1000 for the queen size models.

Some consumer reviews noted some downsides to this mattress, though. A lot of consumers agreed about its excellent virtues, which made the high-end price worth paying, but one common observation is that it is not for everyone.

Some consumers also complained about the mattress developing body impressions over time, though this may be a case to case problem. The problem is tolerable in most cases; just don't rotate the mattress especially if you have a sleeping partner since the body impressions on your side won't match your partner's contours.

Englander Latex Plus
Reviews and ratings are all favorable for the Englander Latex Plus, a 5-star model loved for its excellent combination of support and comfort. Despite the fact that it is very heavy, the Englander Latex Plus gained the approval of many consumers.

It comes with platform boxes instead of box springs; the use of platform boxes makes for a firmer feel and also helps prevent movement transfer. Then the combination of 8 inches 100% natural latex foam core and polyfill quilting provides generous cushioning and a comfortable soft-touch surface.

Synergy from Englander
Though not entirely a latex mattress, the Synergy model from Englander has a latex base. This latex foam used as the base is the primary source of the mattress' support system, but the other layers on top of the latex adds a nice, softer feel for those who prefer softer mattresses.

The latex base also makes the mattress especially durable and can give you the highest value for your money.

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