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I'm Sleeping Great With My Serta Paulette King

by J.G.
(Chatsworth, CA)

I own a Serta Paulette King mattress. It really feels great to sleep on. I like that the bed flows with your body to make it more comfortable. It provides excellent back support. It's a little too soft. I don't like how low it is to the ground compared to others.

I bought it 2 years ago and I almost use it every night. It's been holding up well, no major problems. It cost me $499 and to me well worth the price.

It's a king size bed, I wouldn't change the size. This is the best bed I've owned in my life. I guess a little extra money does go along way. I would give my mattress a 4 star rating.

I would buy the same exact mattress again if giving the chance. I did nothing really, walk into the store looking for one and find it. I've always wanted to try a sleep number. The bed feels great on your body, really forms to your needs. I don't see me sleeping on any other mattress anytime soon.

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Mar 06, 2014
Terrible Serta Paulette mattress
by: Ken S

I bought my Serta Paulette matress less than 6 months ago and already it has developed a severe sag on my side of the bed. It is so bad if you try to move to the center of the bed you can't keep yourself from rolling back off to the side. I have contacted the seller and waiting on the serviceman to come out and give me my options as to replace it or get another type mattress. I will NOT get this mattress again!

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I Was Very Pleased Initially And It Gave Us Many Nights Of Good Sleep - Serta Pleasant Valley Firm

by Mandy
(North Carolina)

I bought a Serta Pleasant Valley Firm mattress five years ago from a dealer in North Carolina. Believe it or not, it was an impulse purchase for Christmas.

I needed a big present for my new husband, and he and I had been sleeping on my old childhood double bed mattress. It was mushy and wiggled every time you breathed, so to go from that to a queen size new mattress seemed like the perfect gift.

We were also sharing the bed with 3 cats, so the added size would be a huge bonus to the quality of sleep. I bought the firmest mattress I could find at the store, ...I just didn't like the pillow top concept at all.

They all felt too mushy,...and I was coming from a mushy mattress already. So I wanted something that felt new and clean and firm. This mattress fit the bill 100%.

The store delivered it easily, and took away my old mattress no problem. They also set up the bedframe and were in and out in minutes. So then it was just us and the new mattress. It was taller than our old one, and it was definitely firmer. I was very pleased initially, and it gave us many nights of good sleep.

However, like any relationship, it's not always smiles and sunshine. About a year after purchase, a bubble formed down at my feet. It's so subtle, you can't see it when the bed is made, but to my ankles, it felt like a diagonal speed bump.

So I thought we'd just flip the mattress. But it's just a one-sided mattress. It can't be flipped (like all the magazines tell you to do annually), which didn't even occur to me was a possibility.

I just had to get used to the odd lump, which runs diagonally 2 ft. along the pattern. We were moving around that time, so I didn't do anything about the lump,...and I eventually got used to it. And I do love the firmness of the mattress. My back feels good, and the solid construction prevents excessive shaking from my husband or my cats.

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