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Intex Air Mattress Reviews

An Intex air mattress may be the solution to your sleeping woes. Tired of waking up with sore limbs from your camping air mattress? Are you sick of sagging beds?

Perhaps you are in need of a better inflatable air bed mattress, and Intex is one of the top three names that offer the market's highest quality and most popular models.

Do a search for mattresses on and you'll find several portable Intex air beds, with ratings never going below 4 stars.

Intex offers more than 20 different styles, for home and for camping. All use the raised air bed structure, to provide consumers all the benefits of air mattresses in a form, combination, and package that they'll be most happy with depending on their individual preferences.

Intex models include:
  • Pillow Rest
  • Prestige Bed
  • 2 in 1 Bed
  • Campers Bed
  • Downy Bed
  • Deluxe Bed
  • Supreme Bed
  • Comfort Frame Bed
  • Deluxe Frame Bed

These models come with various combinations of special technologies and features such as:
  • 2 beds in 1 unique dual design
  • Air bed combined with memory foam
  • Pillow top air mattress
  • Air bed with frame
  • Built in electric air pump
  • Extra durable construction for camping
  • Added air flow system for better breathability
  • Conventional mattress sizes for better fitting sheets

Here are some specific models, their features, prices, and what consumers say about them.

The Top Three Intex Air Beds

Intex Prestige Airbed with Handheld Battery Pump - Queen Size ($25)

Amazon's most popular model is the Intex Prestige which comes with a handheld battery pump. Very affordable at just $25 for the queen sized model, the Prestige air bed sells pretty well and for obvious reasons.

This model is designed for use both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a flocked top to ensure a comfortable sleeping surface even if you take it to the great outdoors. It's a good thing the removable, easily washed flocked top is also waterproof.

The pump is completely battery-operated. The packaged handheld battery pack is also waterproof and has a 20.8 gauge top, 14 gauge vinyl beams, and 15 gauge 3 in 1 valve. The valve also has a pretty wide opening, so consumers found inflating and deflating quite easy.

The pump is also very useful; you can also use it for inflating other inflatable products. The mattress can be easily folded and packed for portability and is also available in twin and full size.

Intex Raised Downy Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump - Raised Queen ($60-$70)

For those looking for more features and more specifically, a raised foundation, check out the Intex Raised Downy , which comes with a built in electric pump.

The raised queen sized mattress costs only around $60 to $70. Who says your bed has to be limited in height? This raised model certainly gives you enough platform height to match your preference.

In consumer air mattress reviews, the built in pump was found powerful and easy to use. It is high-powered and is already built into the bed, so there's no forgetting it when you move it around.

Inflating and deflating is a snap; in fact, the process takes just 5 minutes so when taken outdoors, its also easy to pack up. However, there is another modified version which gives you the option to use an AC pump instead.

But one of the things that consumers loved about this model is its dual chamber construction. The independent lower chamber serves as a box spring to supply the firmness and support needed in any mattress.

The upper chamber is the comfort chamber providing softness. A waterproof flocked top completes the package.

Intex Memory Foam Top Ultra Deluxe - Queen $179

If you want to check out how an air bed and memory foam combination feels, then you should try the Intex Ultra Deluxe with memory foam top.

This is a raised air bed and memory foam hybrid product, with a memory foam layer to provide you the unmatched cradling support and cushioning approaching the feel of a permanent bed. The rest of the bed is made of a chamber that offers the responsiveness and coolness of an air mattress.

As part of the package, Intex throws in a multi-directional remote control that allows you to adjust the mattress easily.

Intex has made great improvements to their product lines in recent years. But the top name in inflatable air beds for in-home use is still the AeroBed brand. For camping and outdoor use, Coleman makes the best models.

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