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Is Your Mattress A Lifesaver?

by Gerald H.

I sleep on a Royal-Pedic, medium firm mattress. It is simply the very finest mattress I have ever owned. I will never purchase another brand again. I have been with this specific mattress approximately 22 years, and it is as good as the day I purchased it!

The comfort level of a Royal-Pedic over a sustained period of time is phenomenal. The mattress feature that I enjoy the most is the peace of mind I receive concerning the numerous chemical poisons , such as formaldehyde, that normally occur in the breakdown of materials in the vast majority of mattress that are constructed using man-made foam padding rather than 100 percent cotton.

Another feature that has proven itself so well over such a lengthy life is its ability to hold the original medium firm support element. I am 60 years old and after 22 years on this mattress I do not have a single back issue. There are two of us on the mattress and the continuity of support across the mattress today is amazing. There is no apparent breakdown or soft spotting.

One issue I'd like to mention is that Royal-Pedic is not an easy mattress to maneuver when making up the bed. It's solid cotton batting and padding and extra strength covering make for a very heavy mattress. Proper care of the mattress involves turning it head to foot and flipping it over once per month. I can do this myself because I am a weight lifter; however, this mattress generally takes two men to move it. This is a queen or double size and sleeps two.

After my wife survived formaldehyde poisoning from a recently constructed office at her job, we had to research and destroy everything in our home environment that leaked formaldehyde into the air over time. We found that man-made carpentry sealants and upholstery foams were the major contaminants. Twenty-two years ago, Royal-Pedic (still available today) was the only company in the United States that manufactured 100 percent cotton mattresses.

At $995.00 it was one of the most expensive mattresses in its size class available. It has turned out to be the least expensive mattress I've ever owned. I could have easily purchased 3 mattresses in the time that I have owned this Royal-Pedic mattress.

Of course, its life-span is due to our learning how to properly care for the mattress: turning and flipping every month and always using a heavy mattress pad.

Today, I rate this mattress as a 5 star mattress; I highly recommend Royal-Pedic and if this mattress ever wears out I would purchase another Royal-Pedic without hesitation. We had to do quite a bit of research to find Royal-Pedic as it is not carried by most commercial mattress outlets. Royal-Pedic, last time I checked, still had their own stores as well as being available at select outlets.

For my wife, who spent 6 months living in the hospital and breathing out of tubes, our Royal-Pedic mattress is literally been a lifesaver!

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