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Jamison Foam Mattress Advantages

The Jamison foam mattress has one major advantage over competing brands. The Jamison mattress happens to be the mattress of choice of top world-class hotels such as Marriott as well as several renowned resorts across the country.

There is nothing more comfortable than lying down on a very cozy hotel bed on vacation - the feeling of relaxation is just great.

It is very important for hotels and resorts to be able to provide such a feeling for their guests, which is why they choose mattresses very carefully.

And Marriott, as well as other resorts and spas, actually have their mattresses exclusively manufactured by Jamison. The Marriott has even asked Jamison to create an entire line of foam mattresses - the only mattresses that can be found inside a Marriott hotel room.

And if you've ever stayed in a Marriott hotel room, you would also agree that Marriott guests experience their best sleep ever on those beds.

And for anyone looking for a mattress at home, a mattress brand trusted by top hotels and resorts definitely looks like a good choice. So why do Marriott and other resorts and hotels trust Jamison foam mattresses?

Jamison Foam Mattresses - The Secret Formula

The secret lies in the foam formula used by this famous mattress manufacturer.

Jamison foam mattresses are created using Jamison's innovative combination of foam and coils. There has always been a sort of competition between innerspring coil mattresses and foam mattresses, but Jamison breaks down this wall to provide you with the advantages of both.

You can get mattresses with coils and visco elastic memory foam or natural Talalay latex.

The Jamison foam mattress uses this secret formula and focuses on providing two main advantages to consumers:
  • Superior spine support
  • Luxurious foam softness to relieve pressure points

Most Popular Hotel and Resort Choices from Jamison

Jamison Marriott Mattress

The Jamison Marriott mattress is definitely the number one mattress from Jamison. Far from being a very grandiose bed, Jamison makes sure there is more real quality than hype in these hotel-grade mattresses.

The Marriott Mattress is 9 inches thick - just the right height for most consumers. The base foam, which is very firm, is made from high density polyurethane foam.

Though firm, the foam still conforms to the shape of the body but has a heavier focus on providing support.

Other advantages:
  • Sleeps cool; no heat retention problems even the most expensive memory foam beds suffer from
  • You have the opportunity to test it out before you buy, just go and treat yourself to a stay at a Marriott hotel
  • You have the word of several experts and consumers that this bed is one of the most comfortable mattresses ever created
  • This bed is widely available online
  • It is not even that expensive; in fact, there are a lot of even more expensive Talalay latex and memory foam mattresses
  • It is not organic, so bad news for those who are feeling green
  • Make sure to buy from a trusted seller because some consumers have reported buying the Marriott mattress and getting a mattress that could not be any more different from the mattress they slept on at Marriott hotels
  • Online shops usually have no return policies
  • Mattress warranty only covers defects that are the fault of the manufacturer; comfort and satisfaction problems are not covered

Jamison Equalizer Mattress

Another very popular mattress collection from Jamison is the Equalizer mattress. The Equalizer mattress use coils combined with Talalay latex.

The coils used are individually pocketed, the ones that move independently of neighboring coils so that every inch of movement of your body is more accurately and more freely followed by every individual coil.

This unique coil system is called Jamison's Smart Coil System. One other unique thing about this mattress is that they can turn in opposite directions, which helps to distribute pressure equally and reduce motion disturbance, thus the name "Equalizer."

The coils are then combined with a high quality Talalay latex foam that provides good pushback support but also conforms to the shape of your body.

The latex foam on the two sides of the mattress has different densities - one side is softer and the other side is firmer - so you can flip the mattress to find the firmness/softness you prefer.

The downside: it is definitely not the most affordable mattress on the market.

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