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Jamison Latex Mattresses

Have you considered purchasing a Jamison latex mattress?

Jamison bedding company might not be as famous as Serta or Sealy, but they've been in business for over a century, and have been providing the mattresses for Marriott hotels since 1966.

That's a long history of making great beds. Jamison Mattresses produces a number of different sleep options, including their line of innerspring mattresses, their memory foam beds, and their Talalay latex mattresses.

There are several marketing names for Jamison latex mattresses, including Crest, Equalizer, and Choice of Comfort.

Each Jamison latex bedding model has its own special features, and all are known to last for up to fifteen to twenty years before you need to replace them. Which one's the best latex mattress for you?

It's hard to tell, unless you spend a little time thinking about your needs and the way you sleep. Important factors include your height and weight, whether you're a restless sleeper, and whether you have any conditions that might prevent you from sleeping well.

Crest Collection

Jamison latex mattresses sold under the Crest Collection name combine coils and foam.

These mattresses feature individually pocketed coils, surrounded by latex foam. That creates a mattress surface that doesn't move, even if your partner does.

Want a softer sleep surface? Just flip the mattress. One side is a softer surface, while the other side is firm.

The coils do add extra weight to this mattress, which can be a concern for some, but the Crest Collection features the outstanding Jamison mattress durability, making the extra weight a very small issue.

Equalizer Collection

The Jamison Equalizer mattress is also a combination coil/latex foam mattress. Its Smart Coils are set up with opposite direction turns.

This equalizes the pressure, even when you move, and keeps your sleep from being disturbed by your partner's movements.

Like the Crest Collection, the Equalizer collection features one side with firm support, and another side with soft support. It's made with high quality Talalay latex foam, making it pricier than a conventional innerspring mattress, but well worth the extra cost.

Choice Of Comfort Jamison Latex Mattress

The Choice Of Comfort Jamison latex mattress is a 100% Talalay latex mattress, with three inches of super soft foam on one side, and six inches of firm foam on the other side.

That makes it possible for one mattress to provide the correct level of comfort for just about anyone.

The mattress is placed on a coil box spring, which helps provide support, and keeps the mattress from heating up. Unlike some memory foam mattresses, the Choice Of Comfort latex mattress will not retain heat, and allows you to sleep cool.

No matter what you want in a bed, there's a Jamison latex mattress for you. If you are lucky enough to live near one, check out the whole line of Jamison mattresses at your local showroom.

Or you can have a look at their beds by visiting a Marriott hotel next time you're on vacation. You'll soon see what a difference buying the right mattress can make.

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