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Jamison Marriott Mattress

Jamison Marriott mattresses have been in hotels since 2005, and in their five years of existence they have given many people a great night's sleep.

They have become so popular that many people outside of the Jamison mattress sphere have purchased new beds through Marriott. They are currently a favorite in what is known as the hotel bed wars.

What Are Bed Wars?

As hotels compete to capture a larger sector of the business traveler market one of their favored techniques is to brand their mattresses and the quality of sleep they provide. For most business travelers the quality of sleep that they get away from home is the most important factor in choosing a hotel.

About ten years ago the Westin Hotel chain introduced their Heavenly Bed by Simmons. Then came the Hilton chain with their Cloud Nine Bed by Serta.

In 2005 Marriott began to advertise their affiliation with the Jamison Marriott mattress, or Jamison resort foam. In fact, Jamison had been making Marriott hotel mattresses since 1966.

Why The Jamison Marriott Mattress Might Win

When a hotel looks for a mattress they are looking for comfort and durability. Comfort keeps guests coming back and durability affects the bottom line. The Jamison Marriott mattress has both.

Unlike the other contenders in the bed wars, the Jamison Marriott mattress is made from high density foam. Its formal name is open cell poured polyurethane.

Jamison calls it Omalon foam. Regardless, it is high density foam that firmly cushions you while you sleep.

Foam mattresses tend to last longer than innerspring mattresses. This means that Marriott hotel mattresses can be used longer than its competitors, therefore saving the company money.

Foam mattresses are also naturally hypoallergenic so you don't have to worry about bed mites and things like bacteria while you sleep.

The Quality of a Jamison Marriott Mattress

Consumers who have purchased their own Marriott hotel mattress generally have nothing but good things to say about the mattress in their Jamison mattress reviews. First of all, they like the price; it runs between $800 for a twin and $1400 for a king.

Even with shipping you're still paying less than $1800 for a high density foam mattress.

They also like the support that the mattress provides. When you are looking at any high density foam, you need at least 4.5 pounds of density.

Anything less than that will break down and become too soft. The Jamison Marriott mattress is nine inches thick and provides over 5 pounds of density throughout the mattress.

Another plus of this mattress is that it does not trap heat the way that other high density foams, such as visco-elastic memory foam, do.

The firmness that goes along with this lack of heat might be too much from some sleepers, but in the hotel industry it is a good all-round compromise.

One downfall of the Jamison Marriott mattress is the lack of support it has along the side of the mattress. This doesn't affect your sleeping, but it does make sitting on the edge of the mattress more difficult. One has a tendency to slide toward the edge.

Overall, however, the Jamison Marriott mattress provides a great value for its price. You can even test one out before purchasing just by checking into any Marriott hotel.

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