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Jamison Memory Foam Mattress Reviews - The Advanced Jamison Foam Mattress

A Jamison memory foam mattress may be all that you have ever looked for in a bed. There are many reasons to love this top of the line mattress.

Consumers who were willing to pay the high price tag have been consistently happy with their purchase.

Jamison has been making mattresses for over 120 years, long before there was such a thing as memory foam.

They started out with innerspring mattresses, innovated on that line with steel springs and pocket coils, and then moved into memory foam in the early 1990s.

If you are looking for a Jamison foam mattress in a mattress show room, you will find them mostly in the southeast United States. However, Jamison's biggest customers are hotel chains such as Intercontinental, Choice, and Marriott.

Chances are you have slept on a Jamison mattress and not even known it.

Features of a Jamison Memory Foam Mattress

All of the features of a typical foam mattress can be found in a Jamison memory foam mattress. The basic principle of all these mattresses rests on high density foam.

This foam is sensitive to temperature changes. When it heats up with the warmth of your body it becomes slightly fluid and creates a mold around you. This provides individualized cushioning while you sleep.

On a Jamison memory foam mattress you'll find the same unique support as any other memory foam mattress. However, Jamison has stuck with their company's tradition of innovation and designed some special features for their foam mattresses.

First of all, they use a different type of memory foam called Omalon. This refers to the cell structure of the foam.

What to Expect with a Jamison Memory Foam Mattress

On most foam mattresses the cells are aligned vertically. This provides the mattress with more give when you lay on it. This also means that some consumers might find the mattress to soft.

In Jamison foam mattresses the Omalon cells are aligned horizontally. Jamison claims that this unique cell alignment provides you with three advantages: support, comfort, and durability.

These mattresses are found in the Jamison Resort Foam mattress collection.

Horizontal alignment means that there are more cells walls per vertical square inch. This means that there is more matter between you and the bottom of the mattress and therefore more support without increasing the density.

Because horizontal alignment gives support without increasing density, you don't have to wait for a Jamison memory foam mattress to warm up as long as you do with other mattress models.

The mattress conforms to your body shape quicker and lets you fall asleep faster. Jamison also says that Omalon cells will last longer than vertically aligned cells.

However, according to independent consumer reviews TempurPedic mattresses are still the longest lasting memory foam mattresses on the market.

A Jamison memory foam mattress is certainly worth trying out. Their memory foam innovations need to withstand the test of time. Currently, however, they have the support of many customers nationwide.

The price tag of a queen sized Jamison memory foam mattress is in the neighborhood of $1700. This is still cheaper than TempurPedic, but not pocket change by any means.

However, as Jamison mattresses are in hotels nationwide you have the unique advantage of being able to try before you buy.

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