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Jamison Resort Foam Mattress
Professional Grade Sleep On A Jamison Mattress

Jamison Resort Foam mattresses are found in thousands of hotels across the country and around the world.

Jamison is the supplier of most of the beds to hotel chains such as Choice, Intercontinental, and Marriott.

When most people get a good night's sleep at a hotel many believe that they could never own such a nice bed themselves.

It doesn't even occur to them to inquire who manufactures the hotel beds and where they are sold.

That is why even though millions of people have slept on a Jamison Resort Foam mattress only a few actually own them. This is also why there are very few consumer Jamison mattress reviews.

Changing the Status Quo

If you ever looked back with fondness on the sleep you got at a hotel, it is possible to duplicate that experience every night in your own home. Jamison Resort Foam mattresses are available for sale in showrooms across the southeastern United States.

You can also order them online through Jamison, Marriott, and third party mattress vendors.

Consumers who have dared to be different and bought a Jamison Resort Foam mattress have been almost universally happy with their purchase. Jamison mattresses are of high quality and their price, around $1500, is almost half as much as the industry leading Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

What Goes into a Jamison Resort Foam Mattress?

Jamison Mattress Foam

Visco-elastic is a type of foam that will "melt" with the heat of your body. This means that it is able to flow around your contours after your body heat warms it up.

Talalay latex is a natural rubber product that is made by heating up rubber and then flash freezing it into shape. The result is a sleeping surface that is both firm and supportive.

Omalon is another type of foam that has a different cell structure than typical high density foam. The horizontally-based structure allows the foam to be supportive without being so dense.

As their name suggests, a Jamison Resort Foam mattress is made of foam. However, it is not made of just any kind of foam.

It is actually made of three different kinds of high density foam: visco-elastic, Talalay latex, and Omalon.

These three materials are combined to create a sleep experience unlike any other.

The combination of these three materials has made a sleeping surface that consumers and guests claim is supportive but not suffocating.

On a Jamison Resort Foam mattress you can get the support of a traditional memory foam mattress that will often help with circulation and alleviate back pain.

At the same time you will avoid the heat and sinking feeling that are found in similarly priced memory foam mattresses.

Unanimous Jamison Mattress Reviews

There is a small but growing group of people who have become fans of the Jamison Resort Foam mattress. These people have been lucky enough to try one out in a showroom and fall in love or they have been resourceful enough to research where their hotel bed came from.

While there are standard complaints about new mattress smells and a firm sleeping surface in some Jamison mattress reviews on the whole consumers love their Jamison Resort Foam mattress.

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