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King Koil Memory Foam Mattress Collections
From Perfect Foam To Extended Life

A King Koil memory foam mattress may not be King Koil's primary specialty, but what unrelenting expertise King Koil has in the innerspring and latex markets, it now applies to the memory foam market.

However, King Koil memory foam mattress models are quite unique. This is because King Koil's main priority is to create the most relaxing sleep ever.

Since memory foam is quite comfortable but also comes with some disadvantages, King Koil has developed a knack for combining their different technologies.

King Koil Memory Foam Mattresses As Best Value Mattresses

King Koil beds are often dubbed as the best value mattresses, according to a lot of reviews. King Koil's products focused on spinal support and the longevity of mattresses. The visco-elastic memory foam technology used by King Koil is known as the Visco Supreme foam and comes in the regular version and enhanced Visco Supreme Plus foam.

King Koil Collections With Memory Foam

King Koil has several different mattress collections. Here are the collections that channel the benefits of memory foam.

Perfect Foam Reaction

The Reaction model of the Perfect Foam collection combines the following technologies:
  • Visco Supreme memory foam with superior body conformance memory foam is famous for
  • Plush Conforming Latex for super soft conforming support that helps relieve pressure points
  • Conform latex for body-conforming support
  • Ultra Soft Perfect Contour foam for softer support
  • Super soft ECT wave patterns for continuous airflow
  • NuForm for quick recovery to maintain the mattress' original form and to give you freedom to move around easily
  • Perfect foam core
  • 5 zones of convoluted foam for the quilt

Laura Ashley

King Koil's Laura Ashley collection consists of King Koil's most luxurious mattress models ever. The Laura Ashley comes with elegant quilts and signature designs by Laura Ashley.

The Elite model combines the Visco Supreme memory foam technology with the following other technologies:
  • Ultra Soft Perfect Contour foam to relieve pressure points
  • Everquilt foam quilting on top
  • ECT waves
  • Tufting
  • Conform Latex
  • Nuform
  • Excellent Edge for more stability and more usable sleeping surface

Natural Response

The Natural Response collection consists of mattresses designed to respond to your body's shape and any movements you make extremely well. The mattress model combines the same Visco Supreme memory foam with the following technologies:
  • Firm contouring latex for firm, contouring support
  • Plush contouring latex
  • Everquilt foam quilting
  • Pillowsoft latex end to end pillows that isolate motion
  • Nuform for quick recovery and free movement
  • Ventilex for minimal body temperature fluctuations; adjusts to body temperature to create a cool environment for a warm body and a warm environment for a cool body
  • Micro-coil innerspring support system
  • Excellent Edge

Perfect Contour

The Perfect Contour collection is quite the popular one. When it comes to King Koil memory foam mattress, Perfect Contour offers the Elite model.

The Elite model again uses the Visco Supreme memory foam and combines it with:
  • Everquilt quilting
  • ECT waves
  • Tufting
  • Conform latex for ultimate contouring support
  • Ultra Soft Perfect Contour Foam
  • NuForm
  • Contour Elite Plus EC (Encased Coil) with 5 zones to isolate motion
  • Excellent Edge

XL Extended Life

King Koil offers memory foam mattresses especially designed for plus-size sleepers. The XL or Extended Life mattress uses Visco Supreme Plus memory foam, which is one step up from the regular Visco Supreme memory foam.

The Visco Supreme Plus is stronger, more durable, and yet offers the same body-conforming properties to relieve pressure points and ensure a great sleep. Other technologies include:
  • Extended Life highly resilient foam
  • Enhanced high-density 100% natural Talalay latex for long lasting support
  • Extended Life Performance System's heavy gauge interlocking innerspring coil support

Some Consumer Insights

Some consumers provided more unbiased reviews of the King Koil memory foam mattress models. According to some consumers, some advantages to enjoy and some downsides to watch out for include the following.


  • Excellent price
  • Finest technologies and materials used
  • The mattress designs look great
  • Combined softness and firmness features to come up with the best mix possible


  • Resulted in certain cases of back pain - commonly due to the consumers' lack of research and comparison when shopping for the mattress

To enjoy these benefits and avoid the disadvantages, do your homework. Determine your own preferences as to whether you want your mattress to be firmer or softer, than compare different models closely to check which ones fit your standards.

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