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Kingsdown Sleep to Live Mattress Reviews

The Kingsdown Sleep to Live mattress has a name that speaks the truth. You really do need to sleep to live.

We spend about one third of our lives asleep. Sleep is when our bodies get to rest and rejuvenate themselves.

Without sleep we would sicken and no longer be able to live healthy lives.

That is why choosing the right mattress is so important. You need to figure out what kind of mattress is right for you.

Then you can get an uninterrupted night of sleep and wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated.

The Kingsdown Sleep to Live Mattress System

Kingsdown mattresses are designed for comfort. This is definitely true with the Kingsdown Sleep to Live mattress line.

These beds have been specially designed with your personalized sleep needs in mind.

For starters, every mattress in the Sleep to Live line comes with silent partner construction.

This not only means that you won't be disturbed if your partner moves in his or her sleep but it also means that each side of the bed can be at a different level of firmness.

Another feature of the Kingsdown Sleep to Live mattress is it foundation system. These systems change depending on the model number, but no matter what you are getting a specially designed foundation, or box spring, with your mattress.

The foundation helps to provide extra support.

The multi comfort inlay provides pressure point relief and gives you the best back support possible.

Models of the Kingsdown Sleep to Live Mattress System

All Kingsdown mattresses are made of alternating layers of foams and springs to provide the best comfort out there.

The Kingsdown Sleep to Live mattress is no exception.

There are four different models from which you can choose if you decide to go with this line of Kingsdown mattresses.

The 200 Series is a very basic line. It is the cheapest and still provides you with an adequate level of support.

The Sleep To Live 400 Series is similar to the 200 but has a torsion box spring and a knit cover in addition to its basic supportive properties.

The Sleep to Live 600 and the 800 are a little bit fancier. The 600 has a layer of memory foam at the top of the mattress and the 800 has a layer of latex at the top.

There are many options for sleeping comfort that Kingsdown offers its customers.

Kingsdown Sleep to Live Mattress Reviews

Even though mattress companies are more than happy to provide you with all kinds of information about their mattresses, the best way to learn about them is to read unendorsed consumer reviews.

In the case of the Kingsdown Sleep to Live mattress reviews, they are generally very positive. What most people like is the fact that you can customize the firmness on each side of the bed without paying as much as you would for a big name brand mattress.

Overall, consumers agree that the Kingsdown Sleep to Live mattresses are a good value.

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