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Laura Ashley Mattress Pad and 5 Inch White Down Blend Pillow Top Featherbed Review

by J. M.

I sleep on a twin extra large innerspring mattress with a nylon cover at my university. I could compare it to sleeping on a piece of plywood. Back at home I have a queen size sertapedic mattress that I love. But back to my piece of plywood. It was horrible until I went out and purchased the Laura Ashley mattress pad and 5" White Down Blend Pillow top Featherbed since then now my bed is absolutely amazing.

Now I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud and I almost like it more then my bed at home. Some how it has the most perfect balance of softness yet support. I typically like my bed firm but this has a touch of softness that swallows me up. The only problem I have with it is the pillow topper shifts a lot and I have to fluff it up about every two weeks or else it gets noticeable indents.

I ended up buy both pieces at Bed Bath and Beyond because they always have great discounts especially for college students. I’ve been using these two products for about a year and a half. I would say its holding up pretty well. I will most likely have to buy both pieces new for next year. The mattress pad wasn’t to bad I want to say it was max $30 I don’t really remember but the pillow topper was about $100 bucks and at first I was like this better be worth it and looking back it totally was.

When I compare my college bed to my bed at home I almost like my college bed more because of its softness but my bed at home will always be “my bed”. Quality of the mattress: 0 stars but after some adjustments 5 starts. My sertapedic 10 stars. I will always buy a Serta mattress. I would never buy a nylon mattress from school. I would like to try a temperpedic. My boyfriend’s family all just bought the sleep number bed and I must say that is some state of the art technology in a mattress.

That would definitely be a bed I would have to get when I get married because it doesn’t matter if you like the bed hard and your partner likes it soft because it you can change your side alone. I would give the sleep number bed 100 stars. If you reading this have never slept on a sleep number you have to give it a try. I beg my boyfriend to sleep over all the time because I love the bed but it’s just too expensive for me to buy. Maybe he will get it for me for Christmas!

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