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Macy's Brand Pillow Top Plush Mattress

by L.J.

I have a Macy's brand pillow top, plush queen size bed. It is extremely comfortable, it feels like you are laying on a cloud. The top is very cushioned, but not so much so that you feel like you are sinking when you lay down. It feels like you lay down onto a very big, soft blanket.

The back support is not the best available, but it is still good. The cushion on the top may not be firm enough for some people, but I feel like it gives me just the right amount without being to firm and uncomfortable.

This bed is perfect, the pillow top on top makes it just the right balance between comfort and firmness. I bought this mattress at Macy's about 4 months ago, so far I have not had any problems or complaints about it. I don't feel that I have had the mattress long enough to comment on the durability log-term, but so far so good.

I bought the mattress on sale so it was about six hundred dollars. I definitely think it was worth the price, I would buy it again. Also I bought the extended warranty so if anything happens to it I can get a replacement.

I would give this mattress five stars and I would recommend it to a friend. Prior to purchasing my mattress I went to several mattress stores and tested tons of mattresses. I didn't find a brand that I liked as much as the mattress that I purchased.

If I had the opportunity to I would get a King size mattress so that I could have an even bigger cloud to sleep on! I feel like other mattresses I have slept on are too firm or not thick enough.

This mattress is very tall, which makes it even better. The pillow on the top also makes it so that you sink into the bed enough to make a an indent for yourself so you feel warm and secure, but not so much so that you feel like you can't roll around on the rest of the bed. I love this mattress.

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Dec 28, 2013
The Mattress
by: Denise in Atlanta

Thank you for your review. It has helped me a lot. I am currently searching for the best mattress for my money and came across this MacyBed mattress. I would like to know if you have an update to your review? I currently have a old (about 10 years old) Sealy mattress. I wake often with backaches. I know that it is time for a change. However, I like the fact that you said the mattress feels like sleeping on a soft pillow, however, I fear that it may be a little too soft. Do you have any new feedback to share? Thanks!

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