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Mattress Comparison Ratings

How Mattress Comparisons Help You Find The Best Mattress

Mattress comparison ratings can help you make sense of the overwhelming mattress choices any mattress shopper faces in the market.

Several mattresses offer practically similar benefits and matching prices that even the most thorough shopper can end up confused and stumped. Sometimes, the mattress comparison ratings are the only differentiating factor that can help shoppers make their final decision.

Memory Foam Mattress Ratings

Select Foam Regalis HD

The Regalis HD from Select Foam is one of the best memory foam mattresses comparable to the Tempur-Pedic models in terms of quality, but are much more affordable. Featuring a medium firm comfort level, the Select Form Regalis HD is a high rating memory foam mattress.

It comes with a zippered Cool Tec cover, a stylish design, suede borders, and American-made Venus visco-elastic memory foam. According to an extensive lab study, the Regalis HD can retain 99% of its firmness and 100% of its structure after 15 years of nightly use.

Innerspring Mattress Ratings

Simmons BeautyRest

These days, when it comes to innerspring mattresses, the focus is on independent pocketed coils. A lot of sleepers realize that innerspring mattresses are prone to motion disturbance.

But Simmons have come up with independently pocketed coils that are wrapped in individual fabric pockets. Each coil works independently from the rest of the group.

This means motion is separated and sleeping partners will not disturb each other anymore. This type of coil structure is used in Simmons BeautyRest mattresses.

One crowd favorite is the Simmons BeautyRest Classic Colony pillow top mattress, with a 5 star rating from for those who want a pillow top softness. Other top BeautyRest mattresses include the World Class Lusaka Visco Plush for those who want the softest bed minus an outer comfort layer and the Castell Luxury Firm for those who prefer harder mattresses.

Top Rating Latex Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic SpringFree

The Sealy Posturepedic line has always been a revered mattress brand and model. But when people started looking into the latex type, Sealy took its Posturepedic mattress and made a spring-free model out of it, resulting in the top-rating latex mattress called the Sealy Posturepedic SpringFree.

This mattress is made of blended Talalay latex and has a comfort scale rating of 7. It uses FlameGuard fiber as the main quilt layer, plus layers of SuperSoft SealyFoam and Convoluted SealyFoam. The comfort padding consists of combined Smart Latex and SuperSoft SealyFoam.

The best models under this collection include the Sealy Posturepedic SpringFree Latex Meadowcrest Ultra Plush for those who prefer the softest bed with additional outer layer, the Sealy Posturepedic SpringFree Latex Garden Vine Plush for those who want a soft bed without additional layering on the outside, and the Sealy Posturepedic SpringFree Latex Brasswood Firm for those who want a firmer mattress.

How To Conduct Mattress Comparisons

In properly conducting mattress comparisons, you have to take a lot of factors into consideration. You have to consider the softness and firmness of a mattress because this a direct effect on your comfort and on how your body feels when you wake up.

When buying innerspring mattresses, the softness and firmness depends on the number and gauge of coils used.

Aside from that, you also have to consider the prices of mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are most affordable, but the more coils there are, the higher the prices tend to get.

Memory foam mattresses can be very expensive, but they do provide a luxurious feel that a lot of sleepers love. Latex mattresses are also pricey but they are also known as the mattresses that last the longest.

Most importantly, since you cannot tell how comfortable you will be on a mattress without using it for a long time, one of the important factors in making mattress comparisons is to check out reviews and mattress comparison ratings from actual consumers who have already used the mattresses for quite a while.

They can provide you with insights on what body aches and back problems the mattresses were able to solve, whether or not the mattress protected sleeping partners from motion disturbance, what problems they encountered with the mattress, and how long the mattresses last.

Which model would you give the highest mattress rating? We invite you to share your opinions on our Consumer Reports Best Rated Mattress page. You can help other visitors make a better buying decision by sharing your reviews.

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