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Memory Foam Mattress Comparison And Ratings

Compare memory foam mattresses to make sure you get the best type and model of mattress there is. Contrary to popular belief, Tempurpedic is not the only company that manufactures memory foam mattresses. Tempurpedic has an advantage in this market because it is the pioneering brand that opened up the doors so regular consumers can access this special type of foam.

But the market is also open to other memory foam mattress providers. This way, you can get the memory foam mattress that matches not just your taste in quality but also your budget.

But first, let's take a brief look at memory foam...

A Brief Look at Memory Foam

Memory foam was first developed exclusively for NASA in the 1970s, and it took 20 years before it was finally offered to consumers. It was first offered in the foam of memory foam toppers which were only placed on top of other mattress types, before it was offered in full mattresses.

Memory foam is very unique because of its ability to distribute pressure to a wider surface area, thus eliminating pressure points in a mattress. When the foam receives the pressure, the foam cells don't spring right back to its original shape like regular foams.

Instead, memory foam cells open first to compress fully and gradually spread the air to the adjoining cells. This is why it takes longer for the foam to go back to its original shape, so it conforms to your unique body shape better.

Memory Foam Mattress Ratings

Checking out memory foam mattress ratings can help you figure out which memory foam mattresses are best to buy. Since memory foam mattresses do not use just one type of foam you have to be very particular when choosing a memory foam mattress.

Reading through memory foam reviews from actual consumers, especially those who have been using their memory foam mattresses for quite some time, can help point you to the right direction.

There are many ways that memory foam mattress quality is compared, but since consumer opinion is more objective and accurate, it is better to base your decision on consumer satisfaction ratings.

Memory Foam Mattress Ratings by Brand

The first thing to consider when choosing a memory foam mattress is the brand. There is a very exclusive group of memory foam manufacturers that are considered as the cream of the crop on the market. These brands include the following:

1. Tempur-pedic

Tempur-pedic is the original manufacturer of memory foam mattresses designed for consumer use. Their Original Bed is still available until now. It has 3 inches of 5.3 lbs. memory foam and a 5-inch base of high density polyurethane. Over the years, however, its offers have evolved a lot.

Tempur-pedic now has three collections, springing from its three types of memory foam: the Tempur, Tempur HD, and Tempur Cloud.

The Tempur is the original memory foam material the company used; this collection includes the Classic, Deluxe, and Celebrity Beds aside from the Original Bed, among some others. The Tempur HD memory foam is a higher density memory foam, although it is also known for being more temperature sensitive and therefore warmer.

The most popular in this collection are the widely reviewed Grand Bed and the often recommended Rhapsody Bed. The Cloud collection is relatively new; it features a more cloud-like feel, which can be described as softer and more reactive. It also solved the temperature problem of the Tempur HD. This collection has two models, the Tempurpedic Cloud and the Tempur Cloud Supreme.

Tempur-pedic recently introduced its line of adjustable beds. You can avail of an adjustable Tempur-pedic bed set by buying an adjustable Advanced Ergo System bed base.

2. Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt became popular for its Bodipedic memory foam mattresses, which are said to offer almost the same quality as Tempur-pedic beds but with lower prices. The Bodipedic memory foam mattresses are therefore consumer favorites, even as Tempur-pedic continues its reign over expert reviews. Leggett & Platt has now recently added adjustable beds to its list of products.

3. Bergad

Bergad is most well known for its Bergad Isoform memory foam beds, which offer comparable quality as more expensive options but are available at less expensive prices. The queen sized bed from Bergad costs around $800, a far cry from the $2000 range of Tempur-pedic beds.

The Isoform is an online shopping favorite since it is only offered online. You can, however, opt for a 90-day trial period.

4. SelectaBed

SelectaBed became popular for its unique multiple-density memory foam layer design called the Tri-Pedic. SelectaBed was also responsible for several key technologies that changed the memory foam market. Some of these technologies are:

  • Airflow Transfer System, which allows cooler air to flow in two different directions to solve the breathability problems of memory foam mattresses
  • Multi-Layer Design, special 4 lbs. 10-ILD memory foam layer combined with 5 lbs. 20-ILD memory foam layer

SelectaBed also found a way to offer something new to an already crowded market, coming up with the Fibro-Pedic, a special memory foam bed designed particularly for those suffering from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.

Memory Foam Mattress Ratings by Specs

When it comes to specs, Tempur-pedic wins hands down as the top rating memory foam mattress. The original Tempur memory foam mattress is made of 5.3 lbs. of viscoelastic memory foam with an ILD rating of 14. Tempur-HD has a 7.0 lbs. viscoelastic memory foam, while Tempur Cloud's Supreme model uses a multi-density 4.0 lbs. of memory foam.

Most experts think that Tempur-pedic did a lot of study on the subject, seeing as their chosen range of memory foam densities produce the best results a memory foam mattress can produce.

Most other memory foam mattresses use anywhere between 3.0 lbs. and 8.0 lbs. of memory foam with ILD ratings between 8 and 20. They will often play around within this range to try and imitate the almost perfect construction of Tempur-pedic's offers.

What to Consider in Memory Foam Mattress Comparison

When you compare memory foam mattresses, you should know that there is no single memory foam. Aside from the original that was made for NASA, different manufacturers produce their own version of the memory foam. Thus, memory foams are not the same, so you really need to carefully compare memory foam mattresses. The mattresses differ based on:

  • Hardness/softness
  • Density
  • Temperature response
  • Durability

Also, as a side note, keep in mind that memory foam itself is a very soft type of foam that you will simply sink into it. This is not exactly the healthiest way to sleep, so memory foam is usually placed over a firm underlying layer. So don't waste time looking for memory foam mattress without a firm layer.

Preferably, you should look for the following:

At least 3 inches of medium to high density memory foam over a firm supportive underlying layer (Three inches is the right amount because it allows enough thickness so that the foam can conform to your body and is thus more comfortable. Some people find 2 inches a bit lacking in cushioning.)

Medium-density memory foams or memory foam with 4 lbs. density (High-density foam has 5 lbs. density; although this is theoretically ideal, more actual consumers shared that they felt more comfortable with the softer, more accommodating feel of medium-density foam.)

Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress - The Leading Brand

Tempur-pedic was the first to spot the potential of memory foam for the consumer market, so they developed their proprietary version of the foam and called it Tempur. Since the original memory foam was prone to cracking and compression, Tempur-pedic made theirs more durable.

Tempur-Pedic offers an impressive range of memory foam beds. You can compare memory foam mattresses from one brand to find the most suitable for your needs. Check out the Tempur mid-density collection, the Tempur-HD high-density collection, and the Tempur-Cloud collection.

The Tempur-Cloud is a softer, more pillowy type of memory foam that a lot of consumers specifically requested for when they found regular memory foam to be too firm.

The quality of these mattresses is unquestionable, which is why it still leads in memory foam mattress comparisons. The only downside is the price, with most of the beds between $1000 and $2000.

Healthy Foundations Memory Foam Mattress - The Challenger

Another widely reviewed memory foam mattress is the Healthy Foundations 10-inch memory foam mattress. In memory foam mattress comparisons, the Healthy Foundations bed is often rated with an impressive 95%, despite its considerably weaker popularity compared to leading brands.

A huge part of why this mattress is gaining such recognition is due to its price, which is almost 50% less than what leading brands charge. Consumers are more than happy to find an affordable memory foam mattress that offers comparable quality to leading brands.

According to a 50 Person Test conducted on this mattress brand and model, 87% of consumers would recommend it to a friend and 85% gave it a 4-5 star rating.

Around 89% found it very comfortable, and 91% found that it offered good support. Ninety two percent of the consumers kept the mattress, so only 4 consumers availed of the money back return policy applied in the test.

Those are fairly impressive stats considering the love-hate relationship between most consumers and other memory foam mattresses.

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