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Motionless Waterbed Mattresses
Top Waveless Waterbed Mattress Choices

Motionless waterbed mattresses are useful because they offer the solution to several problems people have come to associate with waterbeds.

The motionless waterbed mattresses are also called waveless waterbeds, as opposed to free flow water mattresses, semi-waveless water mattresses, and full waveless mattresses.

The waveless waterbed mattresses arrived when consumers started complaining about too much motion transfer in the conventional water bed mattresses because of the wavy motion of the water inside.

This does not just cause partner disturbance; a lot of people also started feeling nauseous and dizzy due to the motion.

How Waveless Waterbed Mattresses Work

Waveless waterbed mattresses use special technologies to prevent this wavy movement so that motion is absorbed instead of transferred. Instead of the mattress being a single chamber where the water is placed, it is now made up of several compartments in different shapes and sizes.

These divide the water and contain motion. Although some people still preferred the free flowing cushioning of water bed mattresses, the choice between waveless and conventional waterbed mattresses is purely based on individual preferences.

Nonetheless, waterbed mattress manufacturers went ahead and came up with innovative "in between" products, which they called semi-waveless waterbed mattresses.

Your Best Waveless Waterbed Options

Classic Sleep 100% Waveless Waterbed

Classic Sleep is one of the brands that really have a popular streak in the industry of waterbed mattresses, and they have a huge collection of waveless waterbed mattresses. If you do a search for waveless waterbed mattresses, you'll surely get a lot of results from Classic Sleep.

If you are the type who really wants a waveless water bed mattress that is not sensitive to motion, you should check out the 100% Waveless Waterbed offer from Classic Sleep. This is 100% waveless so you can trust that waves are completely prevented, so the sleep surface is completely smooth. Its movement rate is, at the most, 0-1 second.

According to consumers who have invested in this excellent Classic Sleep offer, the mattress offers:
  • Ultimate comfort for a water bed mattress; provides body-contouring benefits from head to foot
  • A large luxurious California King version
  • Durable vinyl outer cover
  • Five layers of resin bonded fiber for durability
  • Special lumbar contouring support feature can properly support the lower back area
  • A special Closed Cell Buoyancy Layer
  • Sure Seam corner construction featuring a special Linen Lock corner reinforcements
If you don't want the full waveless waterbed mattress, Classic Sleep also offers a 90% Dual Waveless Waterbed Mattress as well as a Semi-Waveless Waterbed Mattress. Classic Sleep offers up to California King sizes of all these offers.

Discovery 2000 Super 60% Waveless Waterbed Mattress

Amazon also has several waveless waterbed mattress offers offered by Discovery brand from Vinyl Products. The Discovery 2000 is a 60% waveless water bed mattress. You can choose from different waveless levels; there are 99%, 40% waveless, and so on.

As for the Discovery 2000 60% Waveless mattress, it is most ideal for hard sided waterbed frames. It is a vinyl waterbed that contains free floating wave inhibitor technology. This technology is made of two layers of polyester fiber and polystyrene, which offers firmness that prevents waving motion effectively.

Other benefits you can get from this product include:
  • T Corner construction for more durability
  • 3 years full warranty
  • 7 years pro rated warranty (when the full 3 year warranty is over)
Vinyl Products, the brand that manufactures the Discovery waterbed mattress series, also manufactures several other waterbed models under different brands including the Dreamweaver series, the Discovery Plus Series, and the Dreamweaver Supreme series.

The Discovery series is the company's entry-level, most affordable brand. The Dreamweaver Supreme is the most expensive collection featuring hardsided water bed mattresses.

Strobel Waveless Waterbeds

Strobel is one of the more well-known manufacturers of water beds. This is an American brand and all products are made in the USA. One unique thing about this company is that all materials used in production are made of organic materials.

Their product line includes free-flowing waterbeds as well as waveless waterbeds. They also have beds that offer dual settings, special lumbar support features, and advanced add-ons such as temperature or thermostat controls.

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