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Murphy Bed Mattresses - Are Space-Saving Wall Bed Mattresses Comfortable?

A Murphy bed mattress might be just the ticket for you if space is at a premium.

In the late nineteenth century Mr. Murphy and his wife were sharing a cramped apartment in San Francisco.

He decided to design a bed that gave him both adequate living space and a comfortable sleeping surface.

People living in San Francisco or other major metropolitan areas should understand Mr. Murphy's desire for a multi-purpose living space.

They might even decide to install one of three types of Murphy bed mattresses in their house or apartment.

What is a Murphy Bed Mattress?

A Murphy bed mattress is a mattress that comes out of a cabinet or closet on the wall and folds down.

There is a hinge at the head of the mattress and four foldable legs and come down as the bed is dropped from the wall.

During the day a Murphy mattress is completely hidden from sight. It is in a cupboard or behind a closet door.

Only at night does it fold down into a full sleep system. Because of the hinged design it is possible to make your Murphy bed, pillows and all, and then fold it up into its cupboard.

What Styles of Murphy Bed Mattresses Are Available?

There are three basic styles of Murphy beds on the market today.

There is a standard wall bed like the kind Mr. Murphy patented years ago. There is also a panel bed and a bi-fold bed.

A standard wall bed is actually the least common of the three varieties today. That is because it has to be custom built into your home.

Most people with a wall bed have it built into an existing closet space.

Panel beds are beds that come out of a wardrobe or freestanding closet. From the outside the panel bed looks like a very large cupboard. However, inside there is a bed rather than storage shelves.

A bi-fold bed is very similar to a panel bed in that it is a freestanding wardrobe. However, the doors of a bi-fold bed hinge out twice, thereby saving space. You need much less room on either side of the bi-fold cupboard.

How Comfortable is Sleeping on a Murphy Bed Mattress?

There is no denying that a Murphy bed can save you a lot of space, especially in a cramped urban apartment. However, just how comfortable is sleeping on it night after night?

After all, we spend about a third of our lives asleep and so the trade-off between space and comfort might not be enough for some people.

Surprisingly, the Murphy bed mattress is rather comfortable. It is made from inner spring coils and has a built in border support that gives the mattress stability from the middle to the edges.

It has a Damask surface and is flame retardant. Consumers who have slept on a Murphy mattress say that they are relatively comfortable.

These beds are not designed to give extra support to people with chronic back problems. But for someone who is an average sleeper and wants to save some space, a Murphy bed mattress is a great option.

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