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My Innomax Sanctuary Free Flow Queen Sized Waterbed Mattress Review

by Suzi B.
(Fort Collins, CO)

I am sleeping on a brand new 2011 Innomax Sanctuary free flow queen sized mattress. That’s right, it’s a waterbed mattress! I got my first waterbed when I was sixteen years old and have owned nothing but ever since.

Through the years I’ve slept on all kinds of beds including memory foam and conventional but I swear by my waterbed. It bothers me to sleep on anything else. Sanctuary waterbed mattresses come in all the conventional sizes and range from firm to free flow just like conventional mattresses, but have the added advantage of heat control to the degree.

Newer units have digital climate controls; some even come with massage. My queen sized Sanctuary takes about a degree an hour to heat or cool and one degree in either direction can make a significant difference. The Sanctuary waterbed mattress does have one mortal enemy, however, that the conventional mattress need not fear and that is the common housecat.

Mine put a hole in a mattress that was only a few hours old. There are patch kits for Sanctuary mattresses but they never work very well for very long. We have found that silicone in the tube from a hardware store works just as well and you can cut a piece out of your old mattress to use as patch for the next one. Other than the cat I have been amazed at the abuse the Sanctuary mattress can withstand. Sanctuary mattresses are thick walled and forgiving.

Because waterbed mattresses do need to be replaced more often than conventional mattresses, the good news is that Sanctuary waterbed mattresses are a lot less expensive than conventional mattresses and are getting less expensive every time I do have to buy a new one.

Five years ago, the mattress that I have would have cost around eighty dollars. Two years ago the same mattress was a little over sixty dollars and this last time it was fifty dollars even.

The other downsize to waterbeds is that Sanctuary mattresses and their accessories are scarce. There were waterbed supply stores everywhere in the seventies and eighties but not so much anymore. There is still one in the city I live in, thankfully, and the internet, of course, makes waterbeds, Sanctuary mattresses and their accessories available to anyone with a computer and a credit card.

My very favorite thing about my waterbed is that I have always been underweight. My back hurts the day after sleeping on a conventional or memory foam mattress. Sanctuary free flow waterbed mattresses cradle my bones so that I do not bruise or strain myself in my sleep. If I have pressure points, I never notice them.

I think my Sanctuary mattress is more partner-friendly than conventional mattresses as well, but it would never withstand the wine test in the memory foam commercials.

All and all I love my waterbed and my Sanctuary free flow mattress and would rate them with four stars (minus only one for constant necessary replacement). I would recommend waterbeds and my Sanctuary mattress in particular to anyone who was interested in purchasing one.

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