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My Serta 'Perfect Sleeper' With IKEA Bed Frame Does Its Job Fairly Well

by Maggie B.
(Los Angeles )

I purchased my Serta “Perfect Sleeper” at Costco a few years back. It was the second cheapest mattress in the store, so cost was definitely the biggest factor in making my decision.

I am in my early twenties and I bought it as a college student, so I suppose I did not care very much about quality. As a mattress, it does its job fairly well. It is a firm mattress, and does not have a pillow topper. I did not buy a box spring with it, and it sits in an Ikea bedframe. If you are not too picky, this is a fine mattress. It cost around $350, and I would say that it is worth the price.

Because I was a college student when I purchased it, I had only my awful dorm room mattress to compare it to, so it seemed pretty good. I used it with a mattress cover with a thin layer of padding. The first year I used the mattress, I did not have any complaints about it. About a year after I purchased it, I visited my parents and felt an enormous difference between my mattress and the nice mattress that I slept on at my parents’ house.

After that, I bought extra pillow padding at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to put under my sheets and make the mattress seem softer. That did the trick, although it is still not as soft as the bed at my parents’ house. I will probably keep this mattress for a few more years. I’ve noticed that some fabric “pulls” have formed at the top of the mattress after a few years, but since they are under the sheets, they do not bother me.

In conclusion, I rate this mattress “4 stars.” There were no “quality” problems with the mattress, merely a change in preference between firmer and softer beds. If I were to buy a new mattress, I would probably get a Serta with a pillow topper.

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