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Nautilus Air Bed Mattress Reviews - Nautilus Sleep Systems

The Nautilus Air Bed Sleep Systems are some of the most popular air beds on the market. The Nautilus air beds have several layers.

The core is the Variable Support Air Chambers, in two separate chambers for different adjustments for each side of the bed.

The air chambers are packed in a Foam Rail Internal Support System, which consists of a layer of foam and an outer cover made of polyester.

On the outside, the Nautilus bed looks just like an ordinary mattress.

The Nautilus air bed stands out based on three major factors.

1. It comes with an air mattress and memory foam combination package.

2. It has two separate air chambers.

3. Comfort levels are adjustable for each side of the mattress using a remote control.

Here's what consumers and expert reviewers love and don't love about Nautilus air beds on the market.

Why We Love the Nautilus Air Bed

  • I-Beam support
  • Quiet pump
  • Air pump is placed inside the bed, which many consumers found very handy and convenient
  • Individualized comfort and adjustable firmness levels for each side of the mattress
  • Dual chamber with no foam separators so even the middle of the bed is very comfortable
  • Comes with zip-on pillow tops in silk, wool, and cashmere (wool can provide extra warmth during the winter, and silk feels really comfortable on warm nights)
  • Motion is effectively isolated
  • Easy to move around
  • High quality construction; better than standard air mattresses

What We Don't Like

  • No mattress handles
  • Needs a heavy duty ultra strength foundation like a waterbed foundation; an ordinary mattress foundation won't hold the air mattress
  • Takes a long time to assemble; comes with too many boxes
  • A bit pricey but not the most expensive on the market
  • Firm levels are not firm enough, soft levels are not soft enough

Nautilus Air Beds Collections

Ultimate Series

The Nautilus Ultimate series combines air chambers with visco foam. On top of this combination, there is a 3 inch layer of pillow top for more comfort.

The Ultimate series air beds are designed to provide more cushioning for those who want a pillow top feel in an air bed.

Premier Series

The Premier Series is focused on comfort. Aside from the dual interlocking variable support air chambers, the air beds use an internal comfort control system. It comes in king and queen sizes, and the package includes a removable pillow top.

Signature Series

The Signature Series seems to be the most popular air bed collection from Nautilus. You can buy the mattress only or the mattress with a heavy duty foundation. The foundation is very heavy so the mattress is challenging to assemble. The dual adjustment system makes this ideal for couples with different firmness preferences. The packaged pillow top is also removable for easy cleaning.

Basic Series

The Basic series air beds are Nautilus' most affordable mattresses. You can get this at a price similar to an innerspring mattress. It is the cheapest adjustable air bed around. It allows you to adjust your firmness setting from extra soft to extra firm, and this can be done with a single push of a button.

The air chambers are also supported by an external comfort control system. The surface is a tight-fitting quilted polyester mattress cover. This is also the easiest Nautilus Sleep System to assemble.

FITRest Platinum Series

The FITRest Platinum Series is known as the air bed designed for fitness conscious individuals. The mattress is designed to promote total body rest and recovery after a strenuous exercise session.

You can choose to have the air chambers supported by 3 inches of either Sensus memory foam or Talalay latex foam. An Instant Comfort button allows you to save your favorite firmness level and go back to it with a touch of a button.

And to keep the tired fitness fan comfortable, the bed uses a Belgian damask cover and 1.5 inch layer of Comfort Vent ultra breathable foam.

The Air Mattress Plus Memory Foam Combination

The air mattress and memory foam combination is becoming a more popular choice. After all, a lot of consumers found that they love using memory foam toppers with their air mattresses; the result is quite comfortable.

The springy support of the air mattress is complimented by the cradling softness of the memory foam.

But does this combination work for the Nautilus air bed sleep systems?

The memory foam in Nautilus air beds adds extra comfort layers, which are helpful especially in the Premier and Ultimate series since these are meant to provide more comfort that does not compromise the support. The memory foam is able to provide exactly that.

However, some consumers noted that the visco memory foam is, in some models, hidden under another pillow top layer, which can diminish the effects of the memory foam.

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