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Novaform Mattress Review
Quality Memory Foam That Is Also Budget-Friendly

A Sleep Innovations Novaform memory foam mattress is one of the more popular and affordable alternatives.

Thanks to affordable memory foam mattresses like Novaform, you can harness the many benefits of memory foam without having to pay for the more expensive brands.

And since Novaform happens to be one of the few memory foam brands that offer more budget friendly choices without compromising quality, you're in for a great deal.

But before you go ahead and buy, make sure to check out reviews on Novaform mattress models. Remember that you spend quite a lot of time on your bed, so you shouldn't take your decision lightly.

After all, the experience you get from the bed will also be affected by your weight, any bodily conditions you might be suffering from and your personal preferences.

So browsing through the reviews can help you get a good idea about how the mattresses offered by Novaform have worked for other consumers.

What's Good About The Novaform Memory Foam Mattress

Comfort and overall memory foam quality

Costco's Novaform memory foam does exceed expectations in the most important factor of all: the way the mattresses feel when you sleep on them.

The memory foam mattress is described even by some meticulous consumers as "amazing" and "better than any bed they've ever slept on." The reason is that Novaform offers a firm yet soft sleep surface that gives the right support but also provides enough give so your body is naturally and comfortably positioned when you sleep.

Motion isolation

Most consumers also said they slept right through any movements from their sleep partners, which means the mattresses are excellent in distributing weight and preventing motion disturbance across the bed.

Good customer service

Most consumers who bought the Novaform memory foam mattresses were quick to point out that Costco communicated with them well and that shipping was reliable. They also offer 10 to 20 year warranty packages on their products.

Good temperature balance

Although memory foam naturally has properties that make it less breathable and therefore warmer than other types of mattresses, Novaform's memory foam offers are known for having a well-balanced temperature.


One of the reasons why Novaform, despite its relatively limited collection, became quite popular in the memory foam industry is the price they charge for their high quality products. Both the mattresses and the Novaform mattress topper choices are considered reasonably priced, especially when compared with close competitors.

With Novaform, you can get a queen-sized memory foam mattress for only $600, a far cry from the $2000 price range of other memory foam beds.

Why Consumers Love Novaform

  • Offers great orthopedic support, even for arthritis sufferers
  • Reduces aches and pains in the morning
  • Has just enough firmness and softness
  • Good price - cheaper than leading brands
  • Can return and have individual foam layers replaced
  • Prompt shipping and delivery - good customer service
  • Can be washed by machine for easy cleaning
  • Comes with 10-year warranty
  • Has a 90-day return policy not provided by other brands

Negative Novaform Mattress Reviews

  • Has a strong initial odor, but it goes away eventually
  • Not as durable as other brands; premature sagging was reported in some brands
  • Is not hypoallergenic; you may have to use a hypoallergenic mattress cover
  • Some consumers complained about it being too firm
  • Quite heavy

Known Disadvantage According to Consumers


Consumers complained of a strong chemical smell that greeted them when they opened the Novaform memory foam packages. The smell is a common thing among most memory foam mattresses, but consumers reported that the very strong smell coming from the Novaform mattress was pretty intense and only goes away after a few days.

More Recognition and Reviews

It is also important to check out what experts are saying about the Novaform memory foam mattress. Novaform models all carry certification from Hurt 911, Center for Injury Assistance targeted towards people with neck, knee, and back injuries.

This means the memory foam mattress provides excellent therapeutic properties even for people who have suffered from injuries.

Our study of consumer reviews showed that Novaform has a very high comfort satisfaction rating. The Novaform memory foam mattresses are classified under firm and medium firm mattresses, so take note that they are more ideal for people who like firmer surfaces or who need more support.

Top Novaform Memory Foam Mattress Models

Novaform Elite

The Novaform Elite is the basic, entry level model in Novaform's line of memory foam mattresses. Based on reports, the Elite can last around 15 to 20 years, and can prevent sweaty sleeps.

It comes with two foam layers consisting of:
  • topmost layer made of 3-inch temperature-sensitive material
  • 9-inch high density base foam layer

Novaform ComfortLuxe

The Novaform ComfortLuxe is the mid-range memory foam mattress from Novaform. Like the Elite, it has four layers.
  • topmost layer made of 1 ½ inches of Coolwave memory foam, especially designed to prevent heat retention, a common problem with memory foam mattresses
  • 1 ½ inches of 5-lbs. density memory foam
  • 7 inches of regular foam base layer

Novaform Grand Elegance

The Grand Elegance is the top of the line model of Novaform. It has the highest price and features a very plush European design with a knit damask quilt.

The multi-layer construction includes:
  • 1 inch new patented premium density memory foam
  • 3 inch high density memory foam
  • 1 inch patented open cell foam for more springiness

Pure Comfort Deluxe Mattress with Nutra Temp Technology

One of the most popular Novaform memory foam mattresses is the Pure Comfort Deluxe, which is available in king, cal-king, queen, full, and twin sizes.

On top, you will find the new EcoSafe jacquard circular knit top with polyester-cotton on the side and top panels. Under this, you will find 12 inches of thickness that is made up of:

Support layer - 9-inch layer of premium base superior-support foam.

Top layer - 3-inch top layer called NutraTemp, which regulates the memory foam temperature, an apparent attempt at resolving one of the most significant issues consumers complain about when it comes to memory foam.

Novaform Mattress Toppers Make Great Value Choices

Elite-Isotonic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you don't have the budget or do not need to buy a new mattress, you still have the option to buy a memory foam mattress topper, so you can enjoy the same body-contouring benefits of memory foam.

Well-loved in consumer reviews, the Elite-Isotonic memory foam topper is a very popular Novaform mattress topper. It is said to offer great comfort, with consumers saying that they were able to feel the difference immediately. The mattress topper was also able to balance temperature the same way that the Novaform memory foam mattresses do.

Although a mattress topper is not as durable as a memory foam mattress, it is a good choice if you are not yet planning to replace your bed but want to experience the difference of sleeping on a memory foam surface.

Pure Comfort Controlled Memory Foam Topper with Skirt

The Pure Comfort series from Novaform also has a matching memory foam topper. This is a 3-inch memory foam mattress topper that comes packaged with a skirt.

Like the Pure Comfort mattress, the topper also has the patented NutraTemp technology to mold to your body but regulate temperature by enhancing airflow. The topper is covered by a 500 thread count 100% cotton fabric cover with a Nano-Tex stain protection technology.

The Verdict

On a final note, the Novaform mattress offers fair performance at a good price. It conforms nicely to the body and provides good therapeutic and orthopedic support, which is exactly what memory foam mattresses should do.

Although there are some downsides, these disadvantages are also sometimes found even in the more expensive brands like Tempurpedic. All in all, Novaform memory foam mattresses give you a cheaper alternative without having to sacrifice much.

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