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Organic Futon Mattress Reviews
Benefits & Best Organic Cotton Futon Mattresses

An organic futon mattress can be a valuable piece of furniture in your home. Both you and your guests will love to rest, nap, and sleep on safe, healthy, and comfortable organic futon mattresses, with the full assurance that you are perfectly protected from both discomfort and health hazards.

There are so many types of futon mattresses. Futons are becoming very popular because of their usefulness - having one is like having a sofa and a bed in one.

And if you're going to choose just one mattress for your futon, you might as well make the green and safe choice.

How to Choose Your Organic Futon Mattress

Cotton, wool, or latex: You can choose from pure cotton, pure wool, and natural organic latex, the three most common materials used in making organic futon mattresses. Each has its own advantages. Cotton is definitely the most popular because it has a unique plush softness that only pure cotton can provide.

Wool, however, has a natural fire barrier, so it's a great choice because you can be sure no artificial fire retardants are used in the futon mattress to make it pass federal and state safety standards.

You can also choose latex foam, which is naturally hypoallergenic and is more supportive, responsive, and resilient. Some organic futon mattress choices also combine all three materials.

Price: Always expect to spend a little more for an organic futon bedding than you would for the regular non-organic products. Organic bedding uses naturally harvested materials and requires extra resourcefulness since manufacturers cannot use just any chemical. As a result, they tend to be more expensive.

Size: There are many factors to consider when choosing the right size for your futon mattress. Futons come in all styles and sizes. Some are two-fold or tri-fold, which means they need mattresses that can also easily fold. Make sure to measure your futon first before you start shopping for a futon mattress.

Haiku Designs EcoRest Organic Futon Mattress

One of the most popular organic futon mattresses is the EcoRest futon mattress from Haiku Designs. This is a high quality futon mattress with a resilient all-natural latex core that conforms to the body's unique shape and provides even support for the spine.

The latex core is sandwiched between layers of organic cotton batting. This is a purely organic futon mattress that's now available in king, full, queen, and twin sizes.

This combination provides you with the perfect blend of support underneath and pillowy comfort on top.

One of the best features of this futon mattress is the use of organic wool that has a natural fire barrier so the mattress meets all federal flammability requirements without any use of chemicals. Both the wool and the latex are also naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

The Deluxe model is only 6 inches, while the Luxury model is 8 inches thick.

Futon Shop Natural Rest Organic Cotton Futon

The Natural Rest organic cotton futon mattress is made using 100% certified organic cotton mixed with a soy-based foam to add responsiveness and resilience to cotton. Due to its full cotton construction and minimized use of foam, this is considered as a very soft futon mattress.

The cotton is supported by 4 inches of bio-flex hybrid soy foam that offers added support, which many consumers do not find in pure cotton mattresses.

The all natural soy foam offers impressive tear/tensile strength and superior cell integrity that makes it more long-lasting than regular foam. The foam is surrounded by a generous layering of pure organic cotton for a pampered, pillowy feel.

This is available from the Futon Shop's Royal Contour mattress collection for only $450.

Futon Shop Pure Comfort Organic Cotton, Wool, and Coil Futon Mattress

One unique type of organic futon mattress is the cotton, wool, and coil spring combination. One such example is the Pure Comfort from Futon Shop's Comfort Care mattress collection. The Pure Comfort organic futon bedding combines the properties of:

  • 100% certified organic cotton topper
  • Virgin wool
  • 733 3-inch pocket coils

As you can see, it uses no foam at all. The coil springs are added to provide responsiveness and support, while the pure cotton layers offer an extra soft feel. The coil springs are individually encased so they move separately from each other, therefore preventing motion transfer.

Between the coils and the cotton, there is a rich layer of pure American virgin wool, which is more resistant to tearing and improves the futon mattress' durability. Wool is also a great regulator of temperature, making this a great choice for a futon that's used all year round.

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