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Organic Latex Mattress Reviews
Are 100% Natural Latex Mattresses Worth The Money?

An all natural organic latex mattress is one way to go if you are trying to green up your lifestyle.

Most people think of paper towels and florescent light bulbs when they think about going green.

However, even long-term use purchases such as a mattress can be thought of in environmental terms.

Defining an Organic Latex Mattress

The rules for organic products are very strict. While some companies may try to throw on the organic tag in order to get more customers, a green mattress that is truly organic has to adhere to very specific guidelines.

In a nutshell, no part of the growing or manufacturing process can be done with any manufactured chemicals.

An all natural organic latex mattress is a good way to go if you want to help the environment. Organic latex is sustainably harvested from tropical rubber trees.

These trees are grown mostly in the forests of Southeast Asia and are not treated with pesticides or fertilizers.

The harvesting is done is a way that is not harmful to the tree. A tap is put in and the liquid rubber is harvested much like maple syrup.

Then it is processed on site so that no chemicals are needed to keep it fresh.

However, while many companies tout organic mattresses for the above listed reasons, none is truly organic. This is because they have to be cleaned by a chemical-based soap in order to remove the allergens that may irritate your skin.

You will have to decide if you are willing to set this discrepancy aside when you are shopping for organic bedding. Some of the best models use naturally-produced latex, but are not certified organic.

The Benefits of Natural Latex Mattresses

  • Natural latex is anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, and anti-allergenic
Organic latex mattresses are not just safe for the environment; they are safe for the people who sleep on them as well. Latex foam is hypoallergenic because bacteria, dust mites, and other forms of allergen cannot survive in the material.

This means you are not just comfortable; you are healthy and perfectly safe from allergens and other causes that may lead to allergies and infections.

Although some people have latex allergies, most cases are linked to the synthetic latex material and not to natural latex.
  • Natural latex beds feel very comfortable
Natural latex mattresses deliver a good night's sleep because of the high level of comfort. These mattresses have the unique properties of natural latex, which is both dense and elastic.

This material can give you body support that is superior to a conventional innerspring mattress, especially along the spine, but also comes with a good conforming or yielding quality as well.

The combination of density and elasticity that natural latex provides has helped solve many pain-related sleeping issues.
  • Natural latex is very breathable
Natural latex is a very breathable material. It does not collect heat. In this respect, it maintains cooler surfaces than memory foam, which makes a huge difference in sleeping comfort.
  • Natural latex is completely free from toxic chemicals
It is free from any type of chemicals. It has no pesticides, formaldehyde, polyester, recycled waste, and no fillers.
  • Natural latex resists sagging
This unique substance is also very durable and can resist sagging for a long time. Even when you've used your latex bed for a long time, the organic latex mattress will not lose its shape so you will remain comfortable.

Top Three 100% Organic Latex Mattress Models

Savvy Rest Natural Latex Mattress
Many listings of the best organic latex mattresses identify the Savvy Rest natural latex mattress as the number one 100% natural latex mattress the market has to offer.

This model passes the test for softness and cushioning thanks to up to 3 inches of natural latex foam padding. But foam density helps the mattress provide good support as well.

The foam padding is then encased in a combination of organic cotton and organic wool to make sure that the mattress is made of 100% organic materials.

Savvy Rest also allows you to choose your preferred firmness level and to customize your firmness level by exchanging individual latex pieces until you find your perfect match. You can also choose whether to use natural Dunlop or natural Talalay. Savvy Rest tops the package with a 20 year warranty, but without a return policy. But surely you won't regret your decision.

Green Sleep Natural Latex Mattress
Another well-recognized organic latex mattress is the Green Sleep. Green Sleep offers exactly that - a completely worry-free sleeping experience because you can rest easy knowing that you aren't harming the environment with your mattress.

The Green Sleep natural latex mattress uses the Vimala Sleep System and is manufactured by Sleeptek.

The Green Sleep is made up of:
  • 4 inches natural latex in the middle
  • 2 inches natural latex on top and at the bottom
Due to this design combination, the mattress maintains a firm bottom layer at all times to maintain the consistency of the latex mattress, but also maintains a soft upper layer to ensure your cushioned feel each time you lie down. As for the middle layer, you have the freedom to choose your preferred firmness.

All these layers are encased in an organic cotton velour material with pure grown wool for a soft and luxurious look and feel. The luxury comes with a price, though, but those who are willing to shell out certainly won't question the investment.

Natura Eco-Haven
Natura World or the Natura brand of organic latex mattresses offers some of the best 100% natural latex mattresses on the market.

One model which scored highly in reviews is the Natura Eco-Haven, an organic latex mattress made up of six inches of purely organic Talalay latex wrapped in cotton that's also 100% organic. The entire mattress is completely free from chemicals and other synthetic materials.

Aside from the Talalay latex foam which is a bit firm, the Natura Eco-Haven also comes with 2 inches of a softer type of Talalay latex also wrapped in organic cotton blended with organic wool.

This extra softer layer provides cushioning whereas the previous 6-inch firm latex foam provides support. The wool adds an extra pillowtop feel.

Organic latex mattresses may cost a little more, but the peace of mind may be worth the higher price.

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