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Original Mattress Factory Reviews

The Original Mattress Factory was started in 1990. Its founder, Ron Trzcinski, began the company with the idea of saving the consumer money by cutting out the middle man.

All Original Mattress Factory mattresses are made in company owned factories and sold in company owned showrooms.

There are currently 11 factories and over 100 showrooms nationwide.

On the official company website you can take a tour of one of their factories and see how they make their inner spring mattresses and box springs.

They produce five different types of inner spring mattresses of varying coil count and gauge, as well as two types of foam latex mattresses and adjustable beds.

The following mattress models are among the most popular beds produced by the Original Mattress Factory

The Original Mattress Factory's Lineup of Products

Classic Mattresses and Box Springs

  • Have two sided padding to prolong mattress life
  • Provides support but not too much firmness
  • A mattress and box spring set ranges from $200 to $550

Legacy Mattresses and Box Springs

  • Two sided padding uses real cotton batting
  • Higher coil count than Classic; firmer
  • Prices for a set range from $300 to $850

Regency Mattresses and Box Springs

  • Same padding features as other lines
  • Offset coil design for an even high coil count; increased firmness
  • Prices range from $400 to $900

Orthopedic Mattresses and Box Springs

  • Seven different topping options to customize the softness of your bed
  • Offset coil design and thicker gauge coil increases bed's firmness
  • Prices range from $425 to $1525

Silhouette Mattresses and Box Springs

  • One sided padding with foam topper layer
  • Offset coil design adds underlying firmness to soft top layer
  • Prices range from $350 to $1000

Foam and Latex Mattresses and Box Springs

  • Same quilted topper as the rest of the line
  • Either high density foam or Talalay latex core of 9 to 12 inches
  • Prices range from $625 to $2000

Original Mattress Factory also offers a ten or twelve year warranty on all their mattresses and box springs. Most stores offer shipping and haul away with every purchase.

The Original Mattress Factory will also make custom sized mattresses and box springs for antique and uniquely sized beds.

What Customers Say about the Original Mattress Factory

Because of their factory direct business model, many consumers feel that Original Mattress Factory prices should be significantly lower than competitors.

Many are disappointed in this respect. A lot of disappointment has also been expressed over perceived advertising as a small town store when they are really a nationwide chain.

However, these impressions don't affect the quality of their products.

Original Mattress Factory reviews are mixed about their inner spring mattresses. Approximately 40% of consumers enjoy their mattress and are happy with the value of their purchase.

However, the other 60% complain that their beds are sagging significantly after three to four years of use.

The latex mattresses, on the other hand, are given consistently good reviews both for firmness and durability. Consumers say that they are getting a great value for a moderately priced latex mattress.

This model comes highly recommended at either level of firmness.

Complaints have also been made about certain showrooms not honoring warranties as advertised by the corporate office. Every show room is different, so check with people in your area to see how your local branch performs.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, it is worth your time to visit your local Original Mattress Factory showroom.

Both the sales staff and their website have a lot of useful information about mattresses and sleeping. The best purchase to make from the company would be a latex mattress.

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Your Original Mattress Factory Bed Reviews

My Orthopedic Ultra Plush Mattress From The Original Mattress Factory Makes Every Other Bed Feel Like Sleeping On The Ground!

by Hollie
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I bought my bed from The Original Mattress Factory four years ago. It has been one of the greatest purchases that I have ever made.

My bed is an orthopedic ultra plush model from the Mattress Factory. I moved into an apartment a few years ago and I was unable to take the bed I already had. So I went to the Original Mattress Factory to look at and try out some beds.

The store owner was very helpful and not at all pushy. He told me to lay on every bed in the store and then to let him know what I liked and what I disliked. I tried out all the beds and was leaning towards a pillow top mattress and the ultra plush that I ended up purchasing.

The bed felt like a cloud, but was still very firm and supportive. I tried out the beds that I was leaning towards again and decided that the ultra plush was the best. So I sat down with the manager to go through the purchase procedure.

He went to order my bed and discovered that the company was no longer making the mattress that I had chosen. I was so disappointed. He tried to find me an alternative but he was having a hard time finding a comparable bed.

Finally he offered me the floor model at a discounted price. I was a little bit skeptical because so many people had laid on the floor model and I wasn’t sure if that was sanitary or not. He assured me that it was. I went with his suggestion and took the floor model. I have never regretted that decision.

The bed would have cost me $1499.00 with the frame and box spring. Since I purchased the floor model I got a 30% discount. So my bed cost me around $1050.00. It was a great deal and I got the bed that I really wanted at a price that was quite affordable.

I have been sleeping on it ever since and I have never slept on a more luxurious mattress. Now I can’t sleep in beds at other people’s houses or hotels comfortably. Mine is just that good. It gives the perfect amount of support while being so soft.

It makes every other bed that I have ever owned feel like sleeping on the ground. It is just that good. I would rate my bed as 5 out of 5 stars. If it was possible I would certainly purchase this mattress in the future.

I hope that the Original Mattress Company did not discontinue this model forever. It would be extremely nice if they have since started making this bed again. I would love to buy this again when I need another bed in 10 years or so. I believe that my mattress will definitely hold up that long and will not need replaced before then.

There is nothing that I dislike about my bed. It has been the perfect place to rest. I could not be any happier with my purchase and I will return to this company when my bed is ready to be replaced.

Too Hard and Not At All Comfortable

by Samantha M
(Acworth, Georgia)

I have an Original Mattress Factory mattress, the Classic model WT66793 I believe, and it is from the Original Mattress Factory. My mattress is not at all comfortable. I have invested in many bed enhancers like memory foam to make it feel better, but they don't real work, because I buy the cheap ones.

The reason why I don't like it is because it is as hard as a rock. It is not the type of bed you could just sink into. It is the type of bed for someone who basically likes hard beds which is certainly not me. I have used it for about five years now, and it isn't a terrible mattress, but I would prefer something softer.

I do like the fact that it has not given me back problems and it is not at all loud. Every year I stay in this beach house for a family reunion and every year I get stuck with the bed that always creeks and can be heard from miles away.

Also I am a very light sleeper so if something wakes me up fully than I won’t go back to bed. So every year I role over in my sleep and it creeks loudly only to wake me up at the crack of dawn, and my old mattress was like that too so when I say it doesn’t make a single sound, I am telling the truth, because I would hear it.

I believe it cost around five hundred dollars when I bought it which wasn't bad, but I would have rather spent more money on a better mattress than gotten this one. The last mattress I owned was actually very old and a little bit softer, but this one definitely was a step up from that, because of what I have elaborated on earlier, it wasn’t loud, no back problems, etc. I do have to commend the mattress for its size, because I have a full, and although full mattresses are not always that big, it is the perfect size for me.

I have plenty of room to role around, and not once have I fallen off the bed or awoken on the floor. I probably would not buy the same model again just because I would feel foolish investing in something I have already decided was not for me, but the price is pretty decent for a mattress, the size is excellent for one person, and for those who prefer harder beds it would probably please.

A fair rating on my part would probably be a three because it has its good traits and bad traits. In the end of it all, it is a fairly decent mattress, because it has aided me in relieving me of back pains. Ever since I got my old mattress, I had this terribly problem of waking up with back aches and neck aches, because of the mattress, and it was really starting to effect me. I couldn’t focus on anything at work nor could I relax when I got home due to my neck being so stiff and my back feeling so uncomfortable.

When I changed mattresses hoping it would help, I was delighted that it had cured me of my back problems. Not once have I woken up with one in the five years I have had this mattress, but I did have to trade up softness for back aches which I still think there is a bed out there that can give me both.

With Our OMF Regency Mattress We Sleep In Total Comfort

by Sarah M.
(Acworth, GA, USA)

My husband introduced me to The Original Mattress Factory, and I can honestly say that we will never purchase a mattress anywhere else.

When we got married, my husband already owned a full Regency Mattress and Box Springs from the Original Mattress Factory, and I fell in love.

About a year ago, we purchased a new queen size Regency Mattress and Box Springs from the Original Mattress Factory for our bedroom and moved the full into our guest bedroom.

After sleeping on the full set for 8 years, my husband's original mattress and box springs still has years of life left.

The Regency Mattress and Box Springs is firm enough to offer support, but soft enough to sleep in total comfort.

The set has a 10 year warranty, but I really think that you could get at least 15-20 years out of the set sleeping on it every night!

The best is that the price is reasonable. Our queen set was $619, and I think that's a great buy for a mattress and box springs that will likely last 15+ years.

I would most definitely recommend any of The Original Mattress Factory's sets to other consumers looking for the absolute best bed for their money.

I really think that once you've tried their beds, you'll never go anywhere else to buy a mattress.

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