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Queen Size Futon Mattress - Three Recommended Queen Futon Mattresses

A queen size futon mattress is as thin as regular futon mattresses, which are usually thinner than traditional bed mattresses, but has the same width and length as a regular queen sized bed.

For a queen size bed the length is 80 inches and the width is 60 inches. The most common futon mattresses are the cotton ones because they are inexpensive, but there is a wide range of other less popular types of futon mattresses.

In a queen sized mattress, since these mattresses can hold more people, the more weight they have to hold, so it is important to get a really durable futon mattress.

There are a lot of existing models out there. The best way to choose the right queen size futon mattress for your home is to read reviews and check ratings to make sure you get a good product that other consumers are also satisfied with.

We scoured the net to give you a shortcut to the most recommended queen size futon mattresses around.

Best Reviewed Queen Futon Mattress

Airlay Futon Mattress Queen

Airlay queen size futon mattress
Amazon's number one most popular queen-sized futon mattress is the Airlay Futon Mattress, which is quite affordable at $149. The Airlay futon mattress is 8 inches thick, which is just enough thickness even though it is not as thick as a traditional mattress.

Amazon consumers have given it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

The mattress is made of 4 inches of 2.8 lbs. density Airlay Fibre foam core supported by several pure cotton batting layers. The Airlay Fibre foam core is a unique material that also springs back to its original shape in no time but without the high cost of polyurethane foam.

The Fibre foam core consists of blended cotton, polyester, and low-melt fibers - the three materials are bonded using heat technology to make it durable and to achieve its density.

Then the entire package is packed in a durable 6.5 oz. cotton casing. It is purely foam and cotton, with no other materials used, which means the entire futon mattress is made with only your comfort in mind.

Chemical additives are used sparingly, with only a very small amount of boric acid added as a fire retardant.

The verdict: great quality, affordable price! This futon mattress, in queen size, gives you the most for your money.

Loft 6-inch Cotton Futon Mattress Queen

Loft is another well-known brand of futon mattresses. The 6-inch Cotton Futon Mattress from Loft costs $153 and is a bestseller according to several review sites, which is proven by its 4 star rating.

If you do not want an 8 inch model the Loft 6-incher gives you enough thickness but not too much.

The futon mattress from Loft is made using combined cotton and foam, then encased in a microfiber cover. The core is made of 2 inches of high density foam so you get comfort and support in a package designed to provide a naturally soft feel, thanks to the use of 4 batts of garneted cotton.

Then it comes with 18 nylon-corded tufts to hold it all together. Consumers have their choice of grey, khaki, and green.

Some consumers noted some drawbacks though. After some time, some consumers noticed that the cover and futon mattress are held together by sewn strings, which eventually come out. The 5 year manufacturer warranty, however, can take care of this.

The Verdict: If you want something softer and from a more popular brand, go with this futon from Loft, a highly recognized brand according to online consumer reviews.

Wolf UltraSleep+ Futon Mattress Queen

Another often recognized brand of futon mattresses is Wolf. Wolf also offers queen sized mattresses, the most popular of which is the UltraSleep Futon Mattress.

At about $220, this is pricier than several other options out there, but the construction is definitely worth the extra price.

The Wolf UltraSleep+ is made up of:
  • 9 inches high quality fill materials
  • 8 inch case
  • 5 inches of highly resilient urethane foam core
  • 4 inches of Wolf Exclusive Premium cotton batting
  • 7 oz. cotton twill casing
These materials are assembled in the USA to form a highly comfortable futon mattress with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

The bottom line: If you want expert construction for improved comfort and support, this is the futon mattress for you.

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