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Restonic Comfort-Care Mattress Review

by Paula
(Houston, TX)

I have a full-bed, Restonic Comfort-Care mattress on my bed, it would be apt to say I hate it and I would give it a big, fat zero. It is definitely the worst bed I ever owned. I bought it about three years ago, from local furniture store - Hilton furniture.

Before buying, I researched mattresses online by picking ones I liked and checking them out with consumer web sites, but this still turned out to be one of the top five worst purchases of my life. I went ahead and bought the Restonic, because what I read and heard seemed to relay how great they are, which is nothing but a big lie based on my experience.

When I first brought the mattress home I didn’t feel it was as stupendous as reported, but it was firm and tolerable, so I kept it. After about a year or so of use, the quilting around the buttons became somewhat lumpy and the mattress began sag in the middle.

It also has the weirdest problem I’ve ever encountered, which is that the head is slightly lower than the rest of it. I’ve fixed this by adding two pillows under the head of the bed, between the mattress and springs. I didn’t notice this until I’d had it awhile, either. I’ve improved the overall quality of the mattress by adding a large memory foam topper to it, which has helped smooth it out considerably.

If I hadn’t added the topper, I would not be able to sleep on it, because it’s downright uncomfortable without having some sort of help to smooth out the lumps and the buttons digging into your back.

Unfortunately, due to the height of the topper it took to correct it, my bed is now so tall I almost have to almost pole-vault to get into it. Even after the addition of the topper, it still has a slight sag in the middle. I would definitely say this thing is not holding up well at all, due to the lumps and the sagging.

It cost well over $800.00, plus delivery and it was definitely not worth even a quarter of what I paid. If I had my way I’d like to drive it to Restonic headquarters, throw it on their steps and drive away with a big smile on my face. I wouldn’t have another Restonic mattress, not even if you gave me one for free.

I’m starting to shop around for a new mattress, because even with the addition of the topper and the pillows to prop up the head, this mattress can’t last too much longer and then there’s the issue of the topper itself - meaning I’m sick and tired of almost needing a step ladder to get in and out of bed.

If I had the money I would definitely like to have some sort of a memory foam mattress. I really like the look of several European models that are not pillow-topped and can be flipped to extend the life. Believe me, I’ll be much more cautious next time about which mattress I choose.

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