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Restonic Healthrest Mattress

The line of Restonic Healthrest mattresses makes it easy for you to find a good sleeping surface.

If you suffer from back pain or other aliments you might want to consider one of these three mattresses that are specially designed for a good night's sleep.

The three different parts of the Restonic Healthrest mattress line are magnetic, memory foam, or latex.

Each of these mattresses has their own advantages. Read on to see which one best fits with your sleeping style.

Environmentally Friendly Latex Sleeping Surface

One Restonic Healthrest mattress is the latex mattress. It is the most eco-friendly of the three mattresses as it is made from sustainably harvested natural rubber.

It provides the firmest sleeping surface of the three mattresses.

Latex has some natural give, but you will not feel as if you are sinking into your bed. It is designed to relieve pressure point stress however.

The Restonic latex mattress is also very porous; this comes from the use of natural latex.

Its porous nature means that your body heat is able to travel away from you while are sleeping. It helps to keep you cool while you are sleeping.

High Tech Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam of Restonic Healthrest mattresses is made using Outlast Technology.

This is the same design that was used by NASA when it developed memory foam for astronauts. It responds to both weight and temperature.

Memory foam is unique in that it becomes slightly liquid when exposed to your body's heat. This lets it flow around the curves of your body so that your mattress becomes individualized.

Restonic's use of a layer of egg crate foam as well as their Thermocule technology ensures that your body heat is used to mold the memory foam but then it goes away.

The open design of Thermocule is useful for heat transfer away from the sleeper.

Sleeping on Magnets

The two above mentioned lines from Restonic Healthrest mattress are good, quality mattresses. They stand up to the competition in their lines, but they are not really innovative.

Magnetics have been used in medical therapy for some time now. There are studies that show that magnetic therapy can help to improve circulation and ease joint pain.

If you want innovation then you need to try Restonic's magnetic mattress.

In the Restonic magnetic mattress a series of magnets are places in concentric circles within the mattress.

This arrangement helps to dilate the blood vessels and thereby improve your circulation when you are sleeping.

Improved circulation can help bring you to a deeper sleep as well as relieve joint pain and stiffness in the morning.

The magnets are buried deep enough within the mattress that you shouldn't feel any lumps when you are sleeping on the Restonic Healthrest mattress. You should instead just have a better night's sleep that leaves you refreshed in the morning.

The Restonic Healthrest Mattress Line

Because all Restonic mattresses are fractionally cheaper than the major brands, it is worth checking this line out if you suffer from back pain while sleeping.

You might be surprised at what some of the Restonic innovations can do to help you sleep better.

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