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Restonic Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

A better night's sleep may be yours with a Restonic memory foam mattress.

Before purchasing a new mattress you need to do a lot of research to figure out the style of bed that you want as well as what brand is the most reliable.

If you are interested in memory foam, Restonic is one brand that you should check out. They have been making top of the line mattresses for over fifty years.

The Restonic HealthRest Brand

Restonic mattresses come in three different lines.

The HealthRest brand includes Restonic latex mattresses, foam mattresses, and magnetic mattresses.

All of the mattresses in the HealthRest line are designed to help you get the best night's sleep possible.

This also means that you wake up in the morning feeling relaxed and refreshed. It is up to you to decide which sleeping surface will help you out the most.

The Technology of a Restonic Memory Foam Mattress

Restonic memory foam mattresses are made with patented Outlast Technology foam.

This foam has the ability to pull heat away from your body when you sleep. It keeps you cooler throughout the night.

Outlast Technology foam is also similar to the foam that was developed by NASA to help astronauts survive the g-forces on takeoff and landing. This foam responds to the heat and weight of your body, but it doesn't maintain your body shape after you get up.

There are three different layers of foam in a Restonic memory foam mattress. The lowest layer is approximately six inches of high density foam.

In the middle is a one inch layer of egg crate foam that helps the heat to circulate away from your body. Finally there is a three inch layer of Outlast Technology memory foam.

What Consumers Are Saying About Their Restonic Memory Foam Mattress

In general, Restonic memory foam mattresses are getting high marks from satisfied consumers.

First of all, they like that Restonic has created a memory foam mattress that is competitively priced. In some cases they can be nearly half the cost of Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

Consumers also like the firmness of this mattress. Rather than feel pulled in by the memory foam, it is dense enough to support you while you sleep.

Combined with its cooling properties, this makes for a highly rated night's sleep.

The industry likes Restonic as well. It has received many accolades from trusted consumer reviewers such as Consumer's Digest.

That magazine has actually recognized Restonic more than any other mattress brand.

One thing that savvy consumers realize is that Restonic memory foam mattresses have to be periodically rotated.

This is because the mattress may get permanent indentations after some time. This depends on the weight of the people sleeping on the mattress.

The Bottom Line on Restonic Memory Foam Mattresses

This mattress is a good one to check out if you are interested in memory foam, especially if you get hot when you sleep.

While perhaps not as durable as Tempur-Pedic, it is still a great value for its price.

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