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Serta iComfort Directions Acumen Mattress Review

by Jeremy R.

My wife and I have an iComfort Directions Acumen in the King Size. Overall, it is reasonably comfortable to sleep on. We moved from an older plush pillow top traditional mattress, so there was a bit of an adjustment period to the memory foam. After a week or so, I had adjusted and was sleeping quite comfortably. My wife, however found the transition uncomfortable. She ended up buying a pillow-top mattress topper to add some additional comfort. That has worked well for her and she sleeps quite comfortably now as well.

However, we both agreed the floor model we tried in the store was softer than the mattress we received. We have considered going back to the store to ensure the floor model we tested was the correct mattress that the salesman said it was. But we have not, primarily because we have adjusted to the mattress and are satisfied with it now.

I would rate the mattress as follows:
Comfort: 4 stars. The ultra plush pillowtop was nice, but as we've gotten older, we needed more support. This mattress is a good combination of comfort and support
Quality: 5 stars. So far, so good. We have owned the mattress for 4 months now, and it seems to be as good as new in every way. Obviously 4 months isn't a long time in the life of a quality mattress.

I don't know if it is true, but some people have claimed the memory foam eventually begins to lose its "memory" so to speak. By that I mean it begins to smash down and flatten and no longer forms to your body as well. Hopefully that won't happen, or if it does, it won't happen for many, many years. We plan on this mattress lasting for a long time.

Value: 3 stars. We considered going with less expensive alternatives, however we decided to go with Serta becuase we didn't want to take a chance at an off brand. However, it definitely is considerably more expensive than similar mattresses from Costco, for example. Hopefully the price proves to be worth it.

So far we are satisfied. As long as the mattress holds up well for a long time, and it continues to stay as comfortable as it is now, we'll be glad we purchased it. We also checked out offerings from Sleep Number and the original Tempurpedic. The Sleep number beds were ridiculous in price by the time you added options. Though I think they did have a similar mattress that was a bit softer. We did not like their memory foam mattress though. Tempurpedic was fine, but honestly we thought the Serta was just as good.

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iComfort Directions Acumen mattress really changed my life

by J. L.
(Miami, Florida)

For my fifth anniversary of working as a computer scientist, I purchased a iComfort by Serta Directions Acumen, just the mattress. It was a little pricy; although I made the sacrifice regardless considering I was having trouble sleeping at the time. The first day I slept on this mattress it was very agreeable.

The mattress is soft, very comfortable. The first time I have bought it, it felt like I was laying on a bed of cotton in a small boat heading to Miami in a very cool quiet night. What I like about this mattress is the fabric is very soft. Not too invasive or rough. With other mattresses I have bruised my knees just by turning around on them.

The iComfort was so comfortable that didn’t want to go anywhere or move around when I was laying in it. I just wanted to lay there and have a great night sleep. I use to be a construction worker so, for me; if the mattress could have been even softer it would be ideal. I have had this mattress for twelve months now, and I have never been more satisfied of any purchase I have made in the past.

My mattress is a Cal. King size mattress, so big in fact that I cannot fit too much furniture in my room. It is a big mattress and I am a big guy so I feel like the mattress has helped with my back support.

Compared to the other beds I have owned, I would rate the iComfort mattress as a very good mattress. I would give the iComfort four stars, not because there is anything wrong with it, but I would have preferred that they had even softer mattresses available.

If I was on a tight budget I would purchase the iComfort mattress again because; let’s face it, it is the best mattress I have ever had so far in my life. However if I wasn’t on a tight budget I would try the Tempurpedic mattress, not because the iComfort is not good enough but because I would also like to try the other options that might be out there.

Having owned this mattress for so long, I would say that this mattress has provided me with a deep restful sleep every single night. When I sleep on this mattress I feel like a rich man living a very comfortable life. To me it is a piece of luxury I am proud I have to have acquired; and it really changed my life.

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