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Sealy Adjustable Beds - Setting Up Your Perfect Sleep System

Adjustable beds such as the Sealy adjustable beds are now picking up more fame by the minute. The obsession with memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses seem to be fading; it is now replaced by adjustable beds, the newest trend in the bedding industry.

Now, even companies that used to focus on mattresses alone now manufactures bed foundations to bring the adjustable bed option to their loyal customers. One of these manufacturers is Sealy.

As people these days get busier and become more vulnerable to various health conditions and body pains, the need for more comfortable bedding has come up. And the solution that mattress manufacturers now offer is the adjustable bed.

The adjustable bed is a bed that can be adjusted into different sleeping positions. You can make the bed recline completely, tilt up slightly, or sit up completely. Some advanced models even allow you to raise the leg area. These are so comfortable and supportive for the key parts of the body that they are likened to hospital beds.

Common Features of Sealy Adjustable Beds

The Sealy adjustable bed foundation was designed to work wonderfully with Sealy's own mattresses, although there is no significant change when you use it with a different mattress.

The common features found in Sealy adjustable beds include:

Heavy duty dual motor AC power lift system

The lifting technology used by Sealy adjustable beds is so powerful you can rely on it to lift you up or lower you smoothly and without a problem. The motor is designed to work for a long time, so you can make the most out of your investment.

Wallhugger design

The wallhugger design features an adjustable bed that can be placed right next to a bedside table and against a wall. You don't need to allow space between the bed and the wall, thanks to the advanced elevation system used.

The adjustable bed base from Sealy allows you to elevate the head and feet area individually and together to meet the precise sleeping position you want. This way, you can position yourself most comfortably for sleeping, reading in bed, napping, or simply resting.

Head and foot massage

Sealy adjustable beds come with built in head and foot massage systems that can be operated either together or separately.

Lighter weight

Each Sealy adjustable bed is designed to be light so the bed can be moved easily when you want to do some bedroom rearranging.

Wireless hand remote

You can control the adjustments of the bed using a wireless remote control with easy access buttons. The remote control also allows you to program two different positions so you can go back to the most comfortable positions you find. If you want to put the bed back into its level position, just push the auto level button.

The Optima Adjustable Bed Frame from Sealy

One of the most popular Sealy adjustable bed base is the Optima adjustable frame, which comes with special features, such as:

  • 3 height adjustments
  • PowerLift operating system
  • One-touch programmable position
  • Two variable speed body massagers
  • Twin wheel locking casters

Adjustable Bed Latex Mattress - Sealy Brand

The type of mattress you use still matters when it comes to an adjustable bed. So if you specifically want a latex mattress that can be used with a Sealy adjustable bed, check out the latex foam beds from Sealy Brand. This is a very popular choice because it is Sealy's entry-level offer. The latex mattress is part of Sealy's Comfort Series and is designed using 100% latex foam.

100% latex foam mattresses boast of:

  • Breathability
  • Supportive cushioning
  • Responsiveness
  • Natural hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties
  • Ability to bounce back to its original shape
  • Ability to follow the body's contours

Together, all these benefits work to reduce your nightly tossing and turning and increase the quality of your sleep.

Adjustable Memory Foam Bed Mattress - Embody by Sealy

If you prefer to harness the benefits of the popular memory foam, get the memory foam model from the Embody by Sealy mattres collection. Sealy ensures that the Embody mattresses are made entirely using pure foam.

Memory foam is best known for:

  • Ability to reduce pressure points
  • Ability to control motion disturbance

But Sealy's Embody memory foam mattresses use a special type of progressive memory foam that is known to provide a healthier sleep environment by providing better mattress air circulation. The memory foam is then surrounded by Body Climate fabrics from Polartec to help regulate the temperature and even dispel moisture.

The clean and healthy foam environment also protects you from microbes, bacteria, dust mites, and other possible allergens. This memory foam mattress can be used with Sealy's adjustable beds for a superior sleep system. The Embody by Sealy collection also has a latex foam version if you prefer latex.

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