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Sealy Embody Reviews - Embody By Sealy Mattress Reviews

Sealy Embody reviews reveal there are two collections of Sealy foam mattresses: Embody by Sealy and the Sealy brand.

Both brands offer foam mattresses that use either latex or memory foam. The memory foam mattresses from Sealy are really taking off.

A few years back, Sealy's main memory foam collection was the TrueForm, which offered several memory foam mattresses under the 11-series and the 9-series.

It seems, though, that Sealy thought the mattress collection had run its course. Recently, they stopped manufacturing TrueForm visco memory foam mattresses.

But don't worry, if you're looking for a Sealy mattress and you want a memory foam bed. Sealy did replace its memory foam mattress collection with not just one, but two even better collections.

The Sealy Brand and the Embody by Sealy brand both offer memory foam mattresses aside from their latex collections.

Sealy Embody Reviews

Let's check if the Embody by Sealy can compare to the reputable TrueForm memory foam mattresses.

Comfort - Based on comfort and support, the Embody memory foam mattresses from Sealy offers quite a good compromise that has pleased even expert reviewers.

Body pain relief - Formal mattress studies and comparisons have also shown that consumers found they experienced less body pain when they slept on the Embody by Sealy memory foam mattresses, especially in the back, shoulders, and hip areas.

Softness - The Embody by Sealy is found to be soft and plush, but in a pleasant way and not in an excessive way. It is still ideal, however, for you to get a firmer mattress if you want one. The Embody by Sealy mattresses are softer than firmer.

On the other hand, there is also some negative feedback about the series.

Support - Although the Embody mattresses were found to provide good support, some negative feedback was received from its long term users that the support becomes compromised due to premature sagging after a few months. Some consumers also reported body impression problems, although the support is definitely great when the mattress is new.

Body pain - Consumers with existing body pain felt their pain go away with the Sealy memory foam mattress. Unfortunately, some consumers also reported that they developed pain when they started using the mattresses.

Availability - The Embody by Sealy collection of latex and memory foam mattresses is fairly new, so it is not as widely available as many other beds, which can be bought almost at any mattress retailer.

It seems that the good and the bad provide a balance with the Sealy foam mattresses offered by the Embody series. You just have to decide which of these factors are most important to you.

Sealy Latex vs. Sealy Memory Foam Mattresses

But since both the Sealy brand and the Embody by Sealy brand offer latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses, you might also be wondering which of the two types of Sealy foam mattresses you should get.

The answer depends on what you want from your bed. Both types offer good comfort.

Both are also quite heavy (a common complaint from users of both mattress types) and both are usually made in a no-flip design.

However, the two are still in close competition based on these factors.

Durability - Memory foam is found to be slightly more durable than latex mattresses. Memory foam has been in the industry for a long time now and its durability has been tested over and over again. As for latex mattresses, the latex industry is still on a growth spurt. Although found to be relatively more durable than innerspring mattresses, the latex mattresses still have yet to be proven in terms of longevity.

Relief from body pains - There are more consumers who have tried sleeping on memory foam and have experienced relief from body pains than consumers who have tried sleeping on latex mattresses.

Temperature balance - Temperature is one tough factor for memory foam mattresses. For years, very few technologies have made considerable difference in the temperature of memory foam mattresses. Some companies try to make memory foam more breathable, but it still remains hotter than latex foams.

Chemical odor - Another one of the problems of memory foam, the off gassing or initial smell of the foam. Latex is almost completely free of this problem.

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