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Sealy Posturepedic Bellweather Plush Mattress Review

by Michael A.
(Westland, MI)

I own a "Sealy Posturepedic Bellweather Plush". As you will see in this review, I have been very satisfied with this product. They don't make 'em like they used to!

I bought it probably in 1993 and it has been doing fine for me ever since. I purchased it new when I was newly married for the first time, and it has seen me through two marriages, two periods of being single, and the main bed for a growing child for seven years.

I bought it at a local mattress store, Tri-County Mattress Factory, in Westland, MI. I can only guess at the price now, as I have had it for 21 years! I guess the price at the time might have been around $300 - I don't think I could have afforded anything more than that at the time!! Definitely worth the price, considering that I still have it today.

Unless my then-wife did any research, I doubt that there was any done before just walking into the store on that day. I think we would have just bought the best and biggest we could afford at the time. I doubt we would have bought the greatest twin bed set in the world just because they were of superior quality - we wanted a marital bed.

It is queen sized, so it is good for me again as a single man. I rotate the mattress every few months, from top to bottom, and by flipping it over, and so far, I have no problems with its durability or comfort.

Maybe I just sleep better than most other people, but I have no problem falling asleep on it, and I consider it very comfortable. I am 6' 2" tall, so sometimes when I move around, my feet hang off the end. Either I move to a new position, or I enjoy having the air on my feet! So no problems with the size. I also have had a history of back problems, and I have never aggravated the problem by sleeping on this mattress. I consider it fairly firm, as I like may mattresses to be. It still seems to have a lot of padding and feels like "a bed" should feel.

As far as what I DON'T like, it is hard to say. I, of course, would rather sleep on a larger KING bed, but until this one is out of commission, I will continue to use it. Aside from the stains that I have made on it, I see no frays or tears or any significant wear to the mattress - and I DO tend to sleep as close to the "8 hours" per night as I can, not to mention when I have a "guest" over!

I have owned other mattresses over the years, but this has been my "main" one. For a time, I did have a King sized mattress when I was married for the second time. I do not recall the brand, but I will have to say, that it was more comfortable than what I have now. That one had a pillow-top built in. Sorry to say that I lost it in the divorce, but I went back to my "old reliable" Sealy.

Overall, I am VERY satisfied with this mattress. I am currently not looking to buy another until this one is completely gone! There is not anything specifically special about it, its just durable and dependable for a guy like me who likes to sleep! I guess the only problem I have with it, is that there is a tag/identification marker on it that makes a smooth indentation in the mattress, that makes things uncomfortable if your feet or body touch it.

I wish the "billowy" part of the mattress when all the way through that part as well. So, I either keep that part on the bottom side as I rotate the mattress, or it ends up being on the foot end. Knowing what I know now, I would definitely buy this mattress again, but in a King size if I could. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars!

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