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Serta Air Mattress - Best Serta Air Beds Reviewed

The Serta air mattress collection consists of inflatable air mattresses that can come in handy when you have guests over or you need an extra bed and you don't want to make a big investment.

Based on outward appearance, it would seem that the air mattresses offered by Serta are like any ordinary air mattress. But making that assumption would be wrong.

Serta packs quite a lot of punch into its air mattresses in the form of unique features, some of which are not offered by other brands.

What makes Serta air mattresses stand out? Based on popular acclaim, here are a few reasons:
  • They come with built in rechargeable pump devices that are very easy and hassle-free to use.
  • These pump devices can inflate the air mattresses in just a few minutes.
  • Serta uses a patented horizontal single-beam support system that provides excellent orthopedic back support, something you wouldn't expect from an air mattress.
  • Serta air mattresses use 26-gauge vinyl sheeting, a highly durable material.
  • You are perfectly comfortable thanks to the soft nylon flocking that wraps around the bed, so the air bed is actually soft to the touch.
  • The Serta air bed models are significantly cheaper than other brands of air mattresses.

What Consumers Say About Serta Air Beds

Consumer experience says that the Serta air mattresses work well even when placed on harder surfaces.

Many consumers who instantly become fans of Serta air beds are camping experts and outdoor enthusiasts, all of which have pretty high standards when it comes to portability, durability, convenience and overall quality of mattresses for outdoor use.

According to these consumers, the Serta air beds have exhibited enough resistance against potential punctures that the mattresses are turning out to be excellent choices.

Is a Serta Air Mattress Right for You?

Mid-Class Product - Though not particularly high end and not the most advanced air mattress on the market, the Serta models stay at the mid-range level and provide reliably good quality. This is something you would expect from a top brand. If you are after a high end luxury air mattress, Serta is probably not your best choice.

Great Value Price - And their prices, though affordable, are not the most budget-friendly out there. The only consolation is that the mattresses are actually usually worth more than they charge because of their reliable quality. As a tip, consider making the little extra investment and get a Serta instead of trusting a more budget-level air bed from an unknown brand.

Two Popular Serta Air Mattresses

Serta Air Sleep Inflatable Mattress

The Air Sleep model in Serta's collection of inflatable mattresses is a popular choice in online air mattress reviews. The classic Serta air mattress features the horizontal I-beam design, soft nylon flocking top, and the vinyl sheeting mentioned above.

However, Serta adds some extra features:
  • two quick inflate and deflate flapper valves to make the mattress easier to use
  • a rechargeable inflator that can be used with both a 110 volt AC wall plug and a 12 volt DC care adaptors; a single full battery charge can complete six inflate-deflate cycles
  • a nylon drawstring carrying case

Serta Elevated Diamond Coil Queen Size Air Bed

Elevated Diamond Coil Serta air mattress You can also check out the Serta Elevated Diamond Coil Air Bed. This is a raised air mattress model available in a queen-sized version.

Unbelievably comfortable for an inflatable mattress, this air bed from Serta is definitely a standout. reviewers give this air mattress model a high score.

One of the main reasons why is its unique Diamond Coil construction, which simulates the feel of a traditional mattress better while still maintaining the benefits of air mattresses. This is the main technology used by the air mattress, and is supported by several others:
  • Integrated electric pump that can be recessed into the bed to make sure there are no stray parts jutting out of the mattress; the pump can inflate the bed in under 4 minutes
  • A portable design that makes taking out and storing the air bed easy
  • An 18-inch height makes sure you have plenty of cushioned space between you and the ground
  • Soft polyester top to make you feel comfortable and to prevent early signs of surface damage
  • Durable and puncture-resistant heavy gauge PVC construction
  • SureGrip bottom to create stability regardless of where you put the mattress
The disadvantages are that Serta does not give many options to consumers who want to obtain their products. The only color available is tan, and the only available size is queen size.

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