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Serta Crib Mattress Reviews
Checking Out Serta Baby Mattresses

Serta crib mattresses receive very good crib mattress ratings. They are some of the best crib mattresses available and have the quality and safety you can trust for your baby.

Baby mattresses are even more difficult to choose than your own mattresses, so it's good that a trusted brand like Serta actually has some really great offers for parents looking for crib mattresses.

The following are three popular Serta baby mattresses that scored well in crib mattress reviews.

Each one is backed by Serta's world-class reliability and guarantee, which really says a lot considering that Serta is the mind behind several winning mattress collections.

Serta offers some special technologies to ensure the safety and ease of use of their special baby mattresses.

Popular Baby Mattresses from Serta

Serta NightStar Extra Firm Crib Mattress

If you are looking for a reliable and durable Serta crib mattress and aren't concerned with getting a completely organic crib mattress, then the Serta NightStar crib mattress is definitely the best place to start your search.

The NightStar gets the highest crib mattress reviews of any baby mattress offered by Serta.

It is often listed among the best crib mattresses and is part of most top lists. The NightStar is a natural crib mattress with an organic top layer, but the mattress itself cannot be considered completely organic since all its fill layers are not organic.

Take note, however, that this is a firm baby mattress, which is good since most experts recommend that babies should have firmer mattresses, not only for safety but for proper support.

The Nightstar Extra Firm has a coil and polyester construction that makes sure the mattress surface is firm, and the perimeter of the mattress is lined with border wire to keep your baby from sliding or falling off.


  • Comes with 8 mattress vents to make it breathable and to keep your baby cool and comfortable all night (so you also get to sleep the entire night)
  • Comes with top inner layer made of Fireblocker technology to meet state and federal requirements in terms of flammability
  • Comes with an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial cover
  • Sheep-print vinyl cover is laminated and stain-resistant; it is also very easy to clean
  • Has 25 year warranty
  • Its standard size easily fits most cribs
  • Can be used until toddler stage


  • Since it is the exact size of most cribs, putting on the cover is the difficult part
  • Some consumers said the mattress developed lumps after some time

Serta Perfect Balance Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

The Serta Perfect Balance Organic crib mattress is an excellent offer from Serta for parents looking for an organic, all natural crib mattress for a more eco-friendly choice.

There are plenty of reasons why an organic choice is better and makes the safest crib mattress. Organic crib mattresses use no chemicals. Babies tend to be very sensitive to chemicals and can easily get irritated or allergic to harsh chemicals.

Organic materials, on the other hand, are perfectly safe for them. The mattress is known to fall under Serta's socially conscious Close to Nature program.

This also falls under the innerspring category since it uses Serta's Continuous Innerspring Coil system.

Features and benefits:

  • Uses anti-bacterial and anti-microbial materials
  • Made up of 100% organic cotton which comes in many different layers
  • The cotton layers are made extra firm but still has the natural softness and plushness of cotton for a great comfort and support combination
  • Vinyl outer cover makes the crib very durable and resistant to moisture
  • Cover is not made using phthalates so safety and health are ensured
  • Sides are supported by flex-edge clips
  • Comes with Fireblocker technology to keep your baby safe and to meet federal and state requirements regarding product flammability

Aside from all these features, these mattresses ship with special crib mattress covers that:

  • Are treated to provide completely allergy-free touch to your baby's skin
  • Have been heavily laminated using only the safest chemicals/materials
  • Can protect against dust mites and allergies

Tranquility Super Firm Serta Crib Mattress

Another excellent firm crib mattress is the Tranquility, a more high end option priced at about $100. The mattress has a very unique blending of materials.

For support, it uses heavy gauge coils, border wires in full perimeter, and special edge supports. This is supported by an additional layer made of orthoinsulated polyester fibers. For comfort, it uses a cotton blend top layer.

For safety, the bed is geared with Fireblocker technology as well as hypoallergenic and antimicrobial treatments.

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