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Serta Latex Mattress Reviews
Vera Wang and Pure Response Collection

Serta latex mattresses are some of the best rating mattresses in the latex category. Although Serta is more popular for its top-rating innerspring mattresses, the brand is fast catching up with other latex winners especially with its introduction of two latex mattress masterpieces, the Serta Pure Response and the Serta Vera Wang collection.

The Serta Pure Response for A Cool and Comfortable Sleep

The Serta Pure Response latex mattresses are made from pure Talalay latex.

Talalay latex offers several advantages over traditional foam types:
  • More breathable
  • Conforms to the body so it provides pressure relief
  • Naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Is comfortable but still supportive
Other outstanding features of the Serta Pure Response collection include:
  • Advanced Comfort Quilt
Serta Pure Response uses Serta's exclusive Advanced Comfort Quilt, which is patented for its very comfortable sleeping surface that uses an egg crate foam as the top layer that covers rich under layers of fluffy fibers.

This quilt material provides an all-around cushioning that reduces pressure points and keeps you sound asleep the entire night.
  • Cool Nature Latex
The Cool Nature Talalay latex technology prevents heat buildup to keep you cool all night long. The Pure Response can absorb and release heat on its own to regulate temperature at all times.
  • StabL-Base double beam foundation
The Serta Pure Response uses double beams as the main foundation. This makes the mattress more durable and also helps protect each sleeper from any movement in his or her partner's side.

The Serta Vera Wang Collection for a Luxurious Comfort-Support Combination

Serta has teamed up with award-winning and world-famous designer Vera Wang and created two beautifully designed mattress collections, the innerspring Vera Wang mattress and the Vera Wang by Serta Specialty latex mattress collection.

The Vera Wang by Serta Specialty Collection latex mattresses feature an all-foam construction but retain the elegance and luxuriant look and feel of the Vera Wang innerspring mattresses.

The Vera Wang Specialty collection uses Talalay latex which ensures that the Vera Wang latex mattresses are highly breathable, are safe from allergens, are antimicrobial, and are perfectly comfortable, offering more relief from pressure points to keep you from tossing and turning at night.

Designer Vera Wang has come up with a combination of new features such as:
  • Beyond Comfort Quilted Latex Foam
This is an extra layer of latex foam meant specifically for regulate temperature. The extra layer is placed near the sleeping surface so that you will feel the difference when you sleep.
  • Extra Firm Edge to Edge Support
The extra firm edges of the bed makes sure the firmness level of the entire mattress is consistent all the way to the very last inch of the bed. This also makes the Serta latex mattresses more durable and able to handle more weight.
  • Aloe-Treated Organic Cotton Fabric
The outer fabric of the Serta Vera Wang latex mattresses is made of organic cotton for a naturally soft, chemical-free, allergen-resistant, and eco-friendly surface feel. The fabric is even treated with aloe vera to enhance its smoothness.

This makes the Serta latex mattress wonderfully and luxuriously soft to the touch. As a bonus, the fabric even has a triple flower design for more sophistication.
  • Talalay Latex Comfort Core
The core layer of the Vera Wang Specialty mattresses from Serta is made of 100% Talalay latex to make sure you reap all the benefits offered by natural Talalay latex.

The two Serta classic features of the Serta Pure Response are also retained:
  • StabL-Base double beam foundation
  • Advanced Comfort Quilt

Your Comfort, Your Choice

Serta latex mattresses also come in different comfort choices so you can choose your own comfort level.

Available comfort choices include the Euro Top, which adds an additional upholstery layer on top of the mattress for an even softer surface feel. This is like the pillow top mattresses, but with a different tailoring and with more firmness for better back support.

The next comfort choice is the Plush mattress, which offers better responsiveness. It has an additional plush comfort layer, but does not have an additional upholstery layer.

Serta Latex Mattress - Topped with Serta Warranty

Both the Serta Pure Response and the Serta Vera Wang latex mattresses from Serta are topped with an impressive 30-year limited warranty. That's how confident the brand is with its Serta latex mattresses.

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