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Serta Mattress Models

You Don't Have to Look Far to Find Great Serta Mattresses

Serta mattress models offer the consumer a wide range of different products and styles from which to choose. Serta has always been known for its commitment to high quality sleep systems since the company began in 1931.

Today there are many Serta mattress styles on the market, including inner spring and latex beds.

Within the inner spring and latex models offered by Serta, there are eight different Serta mattress model lines available. Depending on your sleep needs and your budget, any one of them could be the best way for you to get a good night's sleep.

In order to fully understand all the choices that Serta mattresses can offer to you, this article will give a brief overview of all the Serta mattress models: Perfect Sleeper, Perfect Day, Vera Wang by Serta, Vera Wang by Serta Specialty, Trump Home, Sertapedic, Pure Response, and True Response.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is an inner spring Serta pillow top mattress that has been a best seller for seventy five years.

  • It is topped with a soft Advanced Comfort Quilt to give you a supple sleeping surface
  • Sturdy design with side supports to keep the mattress square
  • Has been reported to sag in the middle after about ten years
  • Four different topper options to vary the softness of the sleeping surface
  • Named Consumer Digest Best Buy

Serta Perfect Day

Perfect Day is a step up from Perfect Sleeper in terms of comfort, features, and price.

In addition to the standard features of a Serta mattress, the Serta Perfect Day mattress comes with a KoolComfort quilt top that helps to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool while you are sleeping.

The Perfect Day Serta mattress model also has a dense inner spring structure and a specially engineered triple beam foundation base.

Twenty year warranty is standard. Consumers report sagging in the middle after several years without proper flipping.

Serta Vera Wang

The Serta Vera Wang mattress combines Serta mattress technology with high fashion design.

  • Inner spring mattress style that has been covered with a layer of latex on the top
  • Firm back support as you sleep
  • Anti-microbial properties are built into the mattress
  • The Vera Wang by Serta mattress models use some of the designer's signature patterns to decorate the surface of the mattress. The cover materials evoke the look of bridal gowns.
  • You are paying for the look of a mattress you will be covering with sheets

Serta Vera Wang Specialty Mattress

Vera Wang by Serta Specialty uses the same Wang inspired looks for the outer design of these mattresses, but completely changes the inner supports.
  • Made out of Talalay latex and memory foam. The advantage of these mattresses is in their support and longevity.
  • Mattresses built to last for thirty or forty years
  • Complaints of feeling too hot while sleeping
  • Complaints of a lingering rubber smell

Serta Trump Home Collection

The Trump Home line of Serta mattress models combines all of the aforementioned features of other mattresses, but with the best quality materials and craftsmanship that money can buy.

  • Mattresses are made of latex, foam, or inner spring design
  • Mattress covers comes in anything from silk to bamboo
  • A more expensive line from Serta (you are paying for the name)
  • Will last around twenty years with proper care


Sertapedic mattresses are at the other end of the price scale.

  • Serta quality inner spring mattress
  • Built for budget conscious shoppers
  • Will probably not last more than ten years

Serta Pure Response And True Response

The Pure Response and True Response Serta mattress models are lines of latex and memory foam mattresses, respectively.

  • Lower price than some of the designer models of foam or latex
  • Still more expensive than inner spring
  • Sleeping surface is firmer and more supportive than inner spring models
As you can see, if you are interested in a Serta mattress model, the choices are almost endless.

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