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Serta Mattress Styles

An Overview Of The Many Models Found In Our Serta Mattress Reviews

Serta mattress styles range from very firm to very soft. Their variety gives you an enormous amount of sleeping comfort options. Everyone has different sleep system needs and Serta mattress models can cater to all of them.

For starters, there are many different types of Serta mattresses. There are innerspring, memory foam and Serta latex mattresses.

The support systems of all these mattresses vary; first you need to decide what basic support system you want.

Once you know your mattress base, you can look at the different Serta mattress styles. Each variety either keeps you close or moves you away from the support system of the mattress.

The four styles are: firm, plush, euro top, and pillow top.

Firm Serta Mattress Models

If you prefer a hard sleeping surface, the firm mattress is the right choice for you.

This option has the least amount of padding between the support system of the mattress and your sleeping surface. The result is a simple and harder bed.

If you have a tendency to feel hot when you sleep, you might prefer the firm Serta mattress style.

Also, if you get a Serta memory foam mattress or Serta latex mattress, a firm topper is a good choice because you are more in contact with the molding properties of those surfaces.

However, a firm mattress top will also wear out faster, especially on an inner spring mattress. After a few years you might be able to feel the springs poking through the mattress as the cushioning fabric wears down.

Plush Serta Mattress Models

One step up in softness is the plush mattress comfort level. The tailoring is the same as the firm mattress, but there are more layers of padding between the support system and the sleeper.

This means that your mattress has more give. It will feel more like you're sinking into the mattress when you lay down on it.

Many people like the feeling of being cocooned in their beds. If you feel cold at night, this might be a good option for you.

However, since memory foam mattresses already mold to your body, you might find the extra plush layer is suffocating. Many people complain of overheating with this topper.

Plush mattresses are softer and more comfortable than firm mattresses, but they are still prone to significant wear and tear over the years.

Rather than feel individual springs, you may feel areas that dip down as the plush layers wear away.

Euro Top Serta Mattresses

An additional upholstery layer is what differentiates the euro top mattress from the other two varieties of Serta mattress models.

Rather than just layers, there is an actual separate piece of cushioning stitched on top of the regular mattress. This puts you even farther away from the original support system of the mattress.

Many people feel that this Serta mattress style is a waste of money if applied on top of a latex or memory foam mattress.

The whole point of expensive memory foam is that the heat of your body causes the foam to mold around your body shape. The separation provided by a euro top essentially removes that feature.

Instead, euro tops work best on inner spring mattresses. If you still want a firm support system go for a quality innerspring mattress.

That way your bed will be firm and you won't have to worry about feeling the springs as you sleep. The euro top is the firmer of the two upholstery varieties.

Serta Pillow Top Mattress

The softest of all is the Serta pillow top mattress. There is not only an additional upholstery layer, but it is stitched on in such a manner as to give you a cushioned sleeping surface.

This type of mattress will cradle you while you sleep. The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress is one famous example of this style.

Pillow tops work best on inner spring mattresses for reasons listed above.

If you get hot while you sleep or don't like to feel confined, you should steer clear of a pillow top. You might also find that you may experience back troubles if the bed is overly soft.

There are many Serta mattress styles from which to choose. It is always a good idea to lay down on a number of Serta beds to find out which style will suit you the best.

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