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Serta Perfect Night Mattress - Can It Make Your Nights Perfect?

The Serta Perfect Night mattress is the other half of Serta's Perfect Day mattress collection.

The Perfect Night mattresses entered the market in 2000, and made quite a lot of noise because it debuted many firsts for Serta mattresses.

It was the first to include three new features that were to make it big in the industry. These three new features are:


The Sensifiber is a special type of fiber material that is very good at regulating temperature. Back in 2000, much negative focus was being given to mattresses that made consumers feel warm when they sleep. Serta's answer was to come up with a new line of mattresses and a new technology that addressed this concern.

The Sensifiber is the answer. This is an exclusive technology created by Serta. The technology uses a high quality fiber that helps regulate the temperature of the body and of the mattress, creating an overall fresh and comfortable atmosphere every time you go to sleep on the Perfect Night mattress (no wonder it is called that.)

Since this came at a time when the industry was laden with a lot of mattresses with very uncomfortable heat retention qualities, the Perfect Night really caught on and gained a loyal following.

The FreeFlex Innerspring system

Then there's the FreeFlex innerspring system or what Serta likes to call the most advanced innerspring mattress in the industry. There are no scientific studies to back this up yet, but consumers who have slept on it have felt the difference, so that means there really is something revolutionary about this innerspring system.

Innerspring has always been considered as the mattress standard. However, innerspring mattresses lack one thing - conformance. Innerspring mattresses do not conform to the body like foam mattresses fo. This, however, was the line that the FreeFlex innerspring system crossed. They created an innerspring bed that could actually yield to the shape of the body like foam would. This is really an innovation.

Quad Beam frame

The third new feature introduced by the Perfect Night mattresses was the Quad Beam technology in the frame. This means that the frame of the bed has four layers that serve as the main foundation. That's why it is called Quad Beam. These four beams work together to provide extra strength for the beds.

What Consumers Love

  • The mattress is very durable
  • The mattress is best for people looking for medium firmness
  • Seams and stitches are noticeably well made
  • Amazing comfort; the material yields to the body in a way that a regular innerspring mattress does not
  • Well-recommended by many reviewers
  • Perfect Night crib mattresses are also available
  • Widely available
  • No-flip design
  • Has a very stylish fabric cover

Some Consumer Issues

Despite the breakthrough that the Perfect Night mattresses have caused in the industry, there are still some things about it that some consumers are not satisfied with for one reason or another. Some of the issues do not even have anything to do with the mattresses themselves.

For example, a number of consumers have complained about the warranty. It seems that Serta has very confusing rules regarding the warranty of the mattresses and how to use it. Even the slightest stains can void the warranty.

As for the concerns that involved the quality of the mattresses, the main problem that can be observed from the reviews are the development of body impressions, which kept on getting deeper and deeper as time went by, despite the fact that the mattress felt really comfortable during the first few months.

A lot of consumers just got to the point where they could not bear the discomfort anymore, and this, coupled with the warranty issues, means a lot of consumers, though satisfied at first, end up with an uncomfortable mattress.

As for the price, consumers have found it a bit pricey. This is no surprise since the mattress belongs to Serta's top of the line series, which means the mattresses have higher prices, though many who invested in the mattress certainly have no regrets.

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