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Sheepskin Mattress Pad - The Superior Softness of a Natural Sheepskin Mattress Cover

Sheep skin mattress pads make really great mattress pad alternatives if you've run through all the existing options and have not found the right mattress pad to give you what you're looking for.

Sheep skin is used to make a lot of products because of its many positive qualities. These positive qualities make them excellent and highly beneficial mattress pad materials.

So what are the benefits you can get from a sheep skin mattress cover?

The Benefits of a Sheepskin Mattress Pad

Regulates Temperature
Sheepskin mattress pads are effective in regulating temperature, so a comfortable sleeping environment is maintained for your body at all times. A mattress pad made from sheep skin can keep you warm in the winter but cool in the summer.

This is the number one benefit offered by sheepskin mattress pads. The reason behind the effective temperature regulating properties of sheep skin is that natural wool has hollow fibers through which air simply passes right through.

Feels Comfortable and Very Gentle to the Touch
Sheep skin also feels warm and comfortable. Sheep skin is naturally soft and has a natural cuddly and cozy feel. After all, it has to keep sheep warm, right? That same soft comfort is transferred to you when you use a mattress pad made of sheep skin.

But what makes it different from cotton or other types of wool? Well, sheep skin contains a special substance called lanolin. This substance is also similar to what is found in our skin. This means that there is a natural affinity shared by sheep skin and our skin, creating a very compatible comfort feel between the two.

Absorbs Moisture Instantly
Sheep skin is also very effective in absorbing moisture. If you somehow still get sweaty or spill water on the mattress pad, the sheep skin can absorb this and release it to the air quickly. And if you choose natural sheep skin, not synthetic, moisture absorption is actually 7 times faster.

Resistant to Dirt and Bacteria
Sheep skin has an innate defense against dirt and bacteria, which is also thanks to its lanolin content. This gives the material a self-cleaning property; all you need to do is hang the mattress pad outside in the fresh, open air.

Promotes Good Circulation
Sheep skin can also promote excellent blood circulation throughout your body. Blood circulation plays a more important role than just to distribute blood. Proper circulation helps in relaxing your entire body and aids in regeneration of the cells.

Sheepskin Mattress Pads for Crib Mattresses

Sheepskin mattress pads make excellent mattress pads to be used with crib mattresses. All the benefits of sheep skin are also really important for a mattress pad used in a crib to keep your baby safe and comfortable all night long.

Most Popular Sheepskin Mattress Pad Models

Elite Wool Mattress Pad from SnugFleece

The Elite Wool Mattress Pad is the top sheepskin mattress pad being sold on Amazon. It uses a special type of 100% American virgin wool in a construction called the SnugSoft Elite, which combines a 1.5 inch pile height and 65 oz. of wool per linear yard.

This combination offers a very soft and comfortable feel; perfect to transform rigid mattresses into a pillowy bed. The wool fibers also cradle the body instead of resisting it. As a result, pressure points are relieved and circulation is enhanced.

Other benefits:
  • 2-inch elastic corner straps to keep the wool pad in place
  • Natural flame resistant materials
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
There are special SnugFleece products meant specifically for use with cribs for your baby.

Gaiam Wool Fleece Mattress Pad

Amazon also has another 4 star sheepskin mattress pad offer, the Wool Fleece mattress pad from Gaiam. This harnesses the unique softness of wool fleece, and then combines it with the classic and familiar comfort offered by 100% 250-thread count organic cotton. The cotton is used on the base of the mattress pad.

Priced at $130 to $190 for the twin mattress pad, this Gaiam offer gives you great value for your money. Overall, consumers loved its:
  • Breathability
  • Allergy-resistant materials
  • Elastic corner bands
This is also available in Full, Queen, and King sizes to fit various bed sizes.

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