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Simmons Back Care Mattress

The Simmons Back Care mattress is a special mattress collection from Simmons designed specifically to provide a more orthopedically correct support system.

Now, here's a mattress that is designed to benefit your posture and back health.

The mattress does not just have a single firmness setting all throughout.

It is made up of areas with different firmness and softness levels depending on the contours of your body.

The mattresses have:
  • Softer areas around the hips, shoulders, and lower legs
  • Firmer areas around the lower back and upper thigh

Simmons was said to come up with the Back Care mattress collection when their popular Simmons BeautyRest series received complaints for having lack of support. The prompt response definitely made customers trust Simmons more which avoided damage to the company's reputation.

After all, who wouldn't like a company who immediately addresses your concerns with an all-new mattress collection?

New Technologies in Simmons Back Care Mattresses


The Simmons Back Care mattresses are also called the HealthSmart beds because the mattresses use a special technology that maintains the sleep environment exceptionally clean and free from allergens, germs, bacteria, dust mites, unwanted odor, moisture, and so on.

The HealthSmart technology functions in three ways:
  • Resists allergens and bacteria
  • Dries up moisture fast
  • Makes sure stains wash off easily

Back Care 3-2-1 design

The 3-2-1 Design is a special mattress design that has three different comfort zones, plus two different support zones. The name 3-2-1 comes from the equation 3 comfort zones + 2 support zones = 1 great sleep experience.

Thanks to this combination of comfort and support layers, you will experience the right balance between firmness and cushioning. This combination is also sometimes dubbed as "5 zones for the bones," which consist of:
  • Upper back comfort zone
  • Lumbar comfort zone
  • Hip support zone
  • Thigh support zone
  • Lower leg comfort zone
Because of this, the needs of every single part of your body is taken into consideration. According to a study wherein 100 consumers were asked to sleep on the Back Care mattress, 92% of them felt a great difference brought by the 3-2-1 formula.

Lumbar Cradle

The Lumbar Cradle is a unique technology that appears in only one model of the Back Care mattresses. This refers to an especially woven fabric band interlaced with stainless steel and titanium, then encased in foam.

The purpose is to support the lumbar region of your lower back.

Contour Fit Pocketed Coil Springs

This is a technology closely connected to the 3-2-1 design. This refers to the coil springs that make the five-zoned design possible. The coils are specifically designed to follow the contours of the body and provide the 5 different zones offered by the mattress.

Other high quality finishing touches
  • 500-thread count
  • Durable siliconized fiber
  • Expandable supreme cover - the patented Expand-a-Grip
  • Supima sateen lush cover to balance out the firmness

Different Technology Combinations Appearing in Back Care Mattresses

  • Titanium Lumbar Cradle
  • Contour Fit Pocketed Coil
  • HealthSmart and Contour Fit
  • Advanced 3-2-1 with Pocketed Coil and HealthSmart
  • Advanced 3-2-1 with Latex Foam Core and HealthSmart
With the last model, the use of latex foam is added to replace the use of regular polyurethane foam. This extra touch of latex offers an extraordinary resilience and contouring responsiveness that only natural rubber latex can achieve.

Most experts who have tried out the different Simmons Back Care mattresses go so far as to say that this model is the most advanced and most comfortable of all the Back Care mattresses, and that's saying something.

Check Out Simmons Back Care Mattress Pads

Simmons also offer mattress pads in the Back Care collection. These mattress pads also feature the different zones of comfort and support.

They are helpful for those who want the benefits of the Back Care mattresses but aren't looking to replace their still durable and still usable mattresses.

Check out models like the:
  • Pima Cotton TriZone Mattress Pad
  • End Zone Mattress Pad
  • High Loft Gel Fiber Mattress Pad

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