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Simmons Beautyrest Classic Mattress

Review Of The Unique Pocketed Coil Spring Mattress

The Pocketed Cable Coil design of the Simmons Beautyrest Classic brought new meaning to mattress comfort in 2004 when Simmons first introduced its infant trademark to the public.

Firm, plush or pillow top models gave consumers more choices for support and comfort.

Technology Of The Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

The 21st century seemed to be the beginning for many technical discoveries in green products and natural resources.

One such discovery was Natural Care that used natural latex from rubber trees to form a new form of comfort that did not run the risk of allergies from chemicals, dust mites or mildew buildup.

Every year since 2004, Simmons has improved their line of mattresses but still offer the Beautyrest Classic as an option for great comfort with visco memory foam, unique pocketed coil springs and firm edge support. A ten-year warranty is still attractive today for the moderately priced model.

Simmons Beautyrest Classic Pros and Cons

Many consumers today have voiced the opinion that the Beautyrest Classic mattress is not holding up longer than five years with sagging, fraying and discomfort from worn springs.

The new technology that was just emerging ten years ago could have needed a little tweaking and the quality of the Simmons Beautyrest Classic has no doubt advanced with even better methods.

Customers are forgiving when it comes to a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress because of the fantastic reputation that the company has worked to create over the past 135 years but the service behind the Beautyrest Classic model has been more than disappointing.

According to many consumer reviews, there has been slow response to trading in their worn mattress on a new Simmons Beautyrest mattress. Warranties are sometimes not being honored and Simmons is reluctant to upgrade the Classic to another Beautyrest mattress.

On the flipside of customer opinions, other Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are winning rave reviews on the Royal Luxury Line with independent coils and a tightly woven cover and the World Class Premium 5000 with double pillow top.

Amenities of the Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

The Simmons Beautyrest HealthSmart mattress offers a removable top that can be washed and dried just like your sheets to guarantee the elimination of stains, germs, bacteria, dust mites and odors that can be left on the mattress material.

The Simmons Back Care mattresses are high in the ratings of satisfied customers. Made from the flexible Technogel, not only is the entire body supported with the Pocketed Cable Coil design but also massaged with the gel like substance at the same time.

The Simmons Beautyrest mattress has made exceptional advances in the comfort and support of their line just in the past ten years. Most positive customer responses have come from purchases made within the past five years, highlighting the incomparable comfort to no other.

Overview of the Simmons Beautyrest Classic

The Simmons Beautyrest Classic has netted some positive reviews in the overall performance of the model. But lack of warranty representation and lack of service from local distributors needs to be addressed by the company.

Perhaps looking closely at the older technology of 2000 compared to today, could net this overwhelmingly popular company some insight into why these earlier models are not holding up.

Those who have purchased the Beautyrest Classic Plush that offers a plush top and the firmest support system available have offered good reviews. With 1-½ inches of PurFoam and 1 inch of Convoluted PurFoam, great comfort is the major response to this Classic mattress.

The price for a king sized mattress is $1400 and the complete set will run $1900. A basic Simmons Beautyrest Classic Cushion Firm king sized mattress begins around $600.

A Simmons Beautyrest World Class Claudius king sized set costs around $1600.

Overall, newer models of the Simmons Beautyrest Classic fare well with clients. But another model of Simmons Beautyrest mattress such as the World Class with an ultra 360-degree foam encasement or the Exceptionale with 1960 density Pocketed Coil spring unit and two-story coil on coil construction, carry the highest praise from reviews.

There is one complaint on every Simmons Beautyrest mattress but it is of little concern. The weight of the mattresses is so heavy that flipping a mattress is very difficult. But with the superior foundation and coil construction, this should rarely need to be done.

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