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Simmons Deep Sleep Mattress

Simmons Deep Sleep mattresses come from one of the leading mattresses manufacturers.

Along with Sealy and Serta, these brands are arguably the leaders in the mattress field.

While individual tastes and mattresses vary, choosing a mattress from one of these brands does guarantee a certain overall level of quality.

Simmons mattresses have been manufactured for over 125 years. They started out with cotton ticking, and have now expanded into innerspring, latex, and memory foam mattresses.

The Simmons Deep Sleep line is primarily innerspring with some memory foam toppers.

What Makes a Simmons Deep Sleep Mattress?

There are four different series in the Deep Sleep line. However, all of these mattresses share some of the same basic components
  • Tall mattress coils and edge support that provide a firm sleeping surface
  • No flip design
  • A rigid box spring called the Triton support system
  • Knit or damask fabric cover
Within each series you will find variations on the top of the mattress. Some are pillow or euro top. Others are extra firm or plush.

There are also memory foam varieties. However, each Simmons Deep Sleep topper is designed to let you enjoy the benefits of the firm base of the mattress.

The main selling point of Deep Sleep mattresses are their incredible firmness. This is both a pro and a con, depending on your sleeping preferences.

Most consumers who bought this Simmons mattress wanted a hard mattress in the first place. Here are the positive points consumers found on their Simmons Deep Sleep bed

  • Firm and supportive surface that remains firm for years
  • Decrease in back and leg pain after a night's sleep
  • No flip design makes maintenance easier
On the other hand, there were a few cons for the Simmons Deep Sleep as well
  • Surface was too hard
  • No flip design is making bed wear out faster
  • High prices ($800-$900 for many king sized varieties) reduce overall value

Simmons Deep Sleep Mattress Lines

There are four series of Deep Sleep mattresses. Each increases slightly in price and features as the series number increases.

Series 1 is the most basic of the Deep Sleep series. It is also the firmest mattress. It comes with an X-firm or a euro top cover. X-firm adds a thin layer of padding between you and the support system.

Euro top covers are made of an extra upholstery layer, but stitched on the edges to have little give. The Series 1 mattresses are covered in damask fabric.

Series 2 of Deep Sleep mattresses is very similar to Series 1. It is still designed to be firm, but you can choose from firm, plush, or pillow top covers.

Pillow top, especially, gives you a cushion between you and the support system. These mattresses also have edge support to keep the sides of the mattress firm.

Series 3 is just a step up from the Series 2 line. It has all of the same features, but adds a few extra layers of foam between the innerspring coils and the top of the mattress. This is high density foam, but not memory foam. You can get the Series 3 in plush and pillow top.

Series 4 of Simmons mattresses provide you with the firm foundation of the Deep Sleep line, but also lets you enjoy the cradling comfort of memory foam. You can either get a memory foam plush or a memory foam pillow top with this series of mattresses.

If you like a firm sleeping surface and feel that a good night's sleep is worth the money, you should look into the Simmons Deep Sleep mattress line. Make sure to try out the extra firm surface at your local mattress showroom. Also know that prices on this mattress will vary from place to place, so be sure to shop around for the best deal possible.

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